What Keeps Employees Engaged and Motivated?

Chief financial officers across the United States say that retaining qualified employees is one of their greatest concerns. Studies show that employees are more likely to stay with a firm if they are re-engaged and motivated, but how should companies achieve this? Read this blog to discover the management secrets that create happy and loyal workers.

Acknowledge Workplace Achievements

Studies show that more employees leave their companies due to a lack of praise and recognition than any other reason. It’s clear that employers and senior managers should acknowledge the achievements of their staff to retain them and keep them motivated.

The simple act of thanking an employee for a job well done or commending him for an innovative solution can have a massive impact on motivation and job satisfaction. Research suggests that praising a worker in front of his peers may even be more motivational than a financial bonus. However, gifts and monetary rewards are also likely to be gratefully received.

Encourage Workers’ Ideas

Employees that share their business ideas are demonstrating that they’re invested in the company and its success; however, they’ll clam up if they don’t believe their input is being heard. This doesn’t mean employers should run with every idea presented, but they should give every new concept a fair hearing. Employees will be more engaged and will stay more motivated with projects that they’ve initiated than ones they did not pioneer.  They’ll also feel more motivated to stay with a company that listens to their ideas.

Make the Workplace Competitive

Competition increases levels of testosterone, a natural chemical which improves attitude and motivation. Employers can take advantage of this by creating friendly competitions, like offering a financial reward to the salesperson that brings in the most new clients.

Just make sure that things don’t get too serious. While friendly workplace competition helps employers get the best from their workers, intense rivalry can also make employers feel alienated and stressed.

Have Some Fun

If the office runs the same way, day in and day out, monotony will set in. It’s important to shake things up to keep workers engaged. Fun activities like pizza lunches, a charity bake-off, or team building games will ensure that employees don’t get bored. These activities can also help workers bond and even work together more efficiently.

As former CEO of Carlson Companies Marilyn Carlson Nelson noted, “On what high-performing companies should be striving to create: A great place for great people to do great work.”

Allow Pets in the Workplace

A growing number of employers are recognizing the benefits of allowing pets in the office. Pets can make their owners and other workers feel happier and motivated at work. They also facilitate team building, as pet lovers tend to talk to one another about their furry friends. This is especially true of quiet employees, who find it easier to engage with others when communicating with colleagues about their pets. Organizations that allow pets in the workplace send a clear message that they value their employees, which in turn helps to motivate workers.

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