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Ultimate Guide to Engineering Ethics

Engineering ethics is a set of ethical standards for engineers to follow which can apply to most circumstances that arise on the job. These standards may vary depending on the jurisdiction or discipline at hand. These ethical standards are the engineers’ obligations towards the public, employers and the profession. Some of the codes of ethics date back to the early decades of the twentieth century. The purpose of engineering ethics is to identify specific ethical issues that may arise in order to avoid a potential problem. Past ethical or technical issues can help engineers to learn from both previous failures and successes.

In Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management degree program, students explore ethical boundaries in courses such as Engineering Law and Foundations of Engineering Management. Students can also apply these ethical practices to a capstone project that they will complete by choosing a topic from their current workplace. For more information on this renowned, professional and respected student-centered program, please fill out the form on the right to learn more.

Also, please see below for additional resources on engineering ethics:
Current Codes of Ethics

General Principles

Background History

Current Ethical Issues

Case Studies Key Individuals

  • Product Safety Case Studies: Studies of five case scenarios of product safety engineers.
  • High Voltage Lines: A discussion case study that explores the numerical problems of electrical energy.
  • C-5A Galaxy Case Study: An Air Force case study of the application systems engineering of the C-5.
  • Engineering Ethics Cases: Over 30 engineering ethical cases with background, commentary and scenario discussion.
  • Goodrich Case: A brief synopsis of the B.F. Goodrich Air Force A7-D Brake Problem Case.
  • TV Antenna Collapse: A recap of the TV antenna malfunction manufactured by Antenna Engineering, Inc and the ethical issues presented in the case.
  • Space Shuttle Challenger Case: A detailed look at the surroundings of the space Shuttle Challenger case.
  • Gilbane Gold: An ethical discussion of the ZCORP manufactures environmental obligation in Gilbane.
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