The Growing Field of Data Science

Big data, and data analysis, are revolutionizing modern business.

Data analysis is a combination of statistics and computer science. It can provide fact-based, hyper-targeted information to aid in making real-time decisions.

A large number of companies are looking for skilled analysts prepared to extract valuable information from a variety of data sets.

Data Science Industry Size

Here in the US, there are currently more than 150,000 open data analysis positions, and 1.5 million unfilled management positions. Each of these require data-savvy applicants across a variety of industries who possess a strong understanding of both prescriptive and predictive analytics.

Data Analysis Salary Range

The expanding field of data science offers a range of incomes, with the median advertised salary for big data professionals $124,000 a year.

All the power and potential of big data rests in the skillful hands of a highly qualified analyst.

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