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Ten Business Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2016

Business Conferences

Every year, hundreds of business conferences take place across the United States. While most of them offer good information to help companies grow or improve operations, there are a handful that have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. The latter half of 2016 is full of these high-value conferences, which cover a wide array of relevant topics.

Here are 10 conferences business leaders do not want to miss in the second half of 2016:


Marketing Analytics Conference (MAC)

June 23-24

Austin, TX

Data is power, but the sheer volume of data from websites and social media outlets can be overwhelming for a business owner. MAC 2016 takes the mystery out of marketing metrics and enables business owners to turn data into tools of business growth. Principal speakers at the conference include thought leaders from some of the world’s largest companies, such as Bruce Rogers (CIO, Forbes), Kyle Hundman (Data Scientist, Jet Propulsion Lab), Rick Davis (VP Business Intelligence, Kellogg Co.), and many others.



July 10-12

New Orleans

The fastest way for a company to gain traction in the social media space is to attach its brand to a powerful influencer. Clothing companies routinely reach out to Instagram personalities, cosmetic brands rely heavily on YouTube content creators, and baby companies that strike sponsorship deals with “mommy bloggers” experience a surge in sales. The iRetreat brings together companies and influencers, introducing companies to the gatekeepers of social media success.


Sage Summit

July 25-28


The Sage Summit is one of the largest business conferences in the United States, regularly drawing more than 30,000 attendees. At the conference, business leaders test live product demonstrations and network with potential customers and influencers in their industry. Training sessions inspire business leaders to return to their companies and implement new ideas for growth.



August 4-6

Los Angeles

#BlogHer16 is a conference centered on helping female entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success in the tech industry. Sessions provide insight into various forms of digital communications strategies, such as the debate over podcasting and vlogging, as well as practical tools for improving website visibility and search engine optimization. Keynote speakers Mayim Bialik and Sarah Michelle Gellar offer words of hope and inspiration for women just getting started in business.


Content Marketing World

September 6-9


For years, marketing experts touted the importance of content marketing to digital strategies. The Content Marketing World conference discusses the changing nature of content marketing and the role content will play moving forward. This year’s sessions examine topics like integration of content into the larger strategic plan of the business, using analytical metrics to determine a campaign’s success, and adapting to new mediums for content to consumers.



September 12-18

Kansas City

TechWeek conferences occur all over North America each year. The purpose of the conference is to bring together users of the community-driven platform and share experiences across various segments of the tech ecosystem. Many of the world’s largest companies, including Google and Microsoft, sponsor the event, which encourages idea sharing and demonstrations for companies entering the tech space.



September 19-22

New York

Velocity conferences occur in Santa Clara, New York, Amsterdam and Beijing and have a New York 2016 theme of building resilient systems at scale. This conference is designed to explore topics related to web ops and web performance and speakers explore areas such as networking, UX optimization, security, DevOps, cloud and more. Velocity 2016 in New York includes features speakers from leading companies such as Uber, Facebook, Pinterest and Captial One.


Lean Startup Conference

October 31-November 6

San Francisco

One of the most dangerous moments for a company is just after the success of a product or project. Business leaders become complacent, fail to innovate, and soon competitors pick apart market share for themselves. The Lean Startup Conference encourages business leaders to maintain the fire and spirit of innovation that led to initial success. Through sessions on improving methodologies and studies in product validation, attendees are exposed to ways they can reinvigorate their company.


Inbound 2016

November 8-11


INBOUND is an innovative conference designed to inspire, educate and connect marketing and sales professionals from around the world. Keynote speakers include Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, Kim Scott, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. INBOUND 2016 includes a variety of training sessions, hands-on lessons, educational breakouts, and opportunity to network with likeminded professionals.


World Business Forum

November 17-18

New York

The theme of this year’s forum is that no company can hope to achieve a long-term competitive advantage in any industry. The rate of change is too great, and the number of competitors too massive to count on a single idea to secure long-term relevance. For those reasons, companies must all be “in a state of permanent beta,” constantly innovating and testing new products and ideas.

The forum is an international experience, with presenters and speakers from countries all over the globe. Attendees can learn the importance of forward thinking and the need for a concrete strategic plan.


The 2016 business conference calendar is full of opportunities for business leaders to grow and learn from experts in their respective industries. These conferences represent the best of the calendar, and are poised to be the most valuable conference investments a company can make this year.

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