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Reversing The Trend: Performance Enhancement Abuse In Athletes

Establishing Core Covenants And The National Standards For Sports Coaching’s 8 Domains


5 National Associations for Coaches


Training Tips to Prevent Common Sports Injuries

How to Improve 5 Aspects of Player Development

Athletic Travel Budget Expenses Coaches Should Consider

4 Careers of Today’s Successful Women Athletes

Roy Williams: A Successful Coaching Philosophy

Valuable Insights into College Recruiting Every Coach Should Know

4 Questions to Ask about Your Performance Evaluation Process

Coach with clipboard and whistle

Coaching Skills: The Importance of Observational Analysis

A women running on a treadmill with virtual reality headset.

3 Ways Virtual Reality is Enhancing Sports Psychology

Professional female trainer with injured athlete.

Women in Sports: 4 History-Making Female Trainers

Football coach showing game strategy to the athletes.

3 Styles of Sports Coaching

Tennis player with coach

5 Tips for a Strong Relationship between a Coach and an Athlete

A coach with a hat.

3 Motivation Techniques for Coaches, from Coaches


3 Tips to Prepare Your Players for Game Day


How Technology is Revolutionizing Sports Training


Why is Off-Season Athletic Training Important?

Youth Sports Participation Rate

Youth Sports Participation Rates

What Skills Do Sports Coaches Need to be Successful

What Skills Do Sports Coaches Need to be Successful

5 Mental Skills of Successful Athletes

5 Mental Skills of Successful Athletes

Understanding the U.S. Code of Ethics for Coaches

Understanding the U.S. Code of Ethics for Coaches

Coaches must remain ethical to keep the playing field fair. Here are some of the most important aspects of the U.S. Code of Ethics for Coaches to follow.

The Importance of Mental Toughness

The Importance of Mental Toughness

Here’s how coaches can help their athletes build the mental toughness they need in order for them to be successful on and off the field.

8 Tips for an Effective Halftime Speech

8 Tips for an Effective Halftime Speech

Whether your team is ahead or behind, here are 8 key pieces of advice for coaches to make an impactful and effective halftime speech.

10 Stress Management Techniques for Sport Coaches

10 Stress Management Techniques for Sport Coaches

To keep players performing at the top of their game, here are 10 tips for coaches to manage their stress healthily on and off the field.

inspirational sports speeches

5 Inspirational Sports Speeches in History

Some of the most inspirational sports speeches that every coach can learn from to motivate their team before, during, and after a game win or lose.

coaching sportsmanship

10 Ways Coaches Can Promote Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is crucial to competitive athletics. Here is some important advice every coach should remember when promoting sportsmanship.

sports team conflict

Addressing Internal Team Conflict

When problems on the field arise, here are some tips that every coach will find useful when addressing internal team conflict.

sports injury and rehab

The Psychology of Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

When players get injured, each athlete responds differently. Whether they’re in denial or noticeably depressed, here are some things to remember when managing a players recovery.

athletic administrators

7 Leadership Qualities Every Coach Needs

Behind every great team is a capable coach who can overcome the challenges presented by managing different personalities and circumstances.


20 Influential Quotes from Professional Athletes

Because successful sports figures inspire others to excel, here are 20 inspirational quotes made by sports figures to encourage athletes to achieve greatness.


5 Impactful Coaching Decisions in the History of Sports

Decision-making is one central skill among many that helps coaches lead their teams to victory. Here are 5 of the most important coaching decisions in history.


How to Find a Coaching Job

Coaching candidates can use several tactics when seeking jobs, which are available in many settings. After gaining experience, you should create a professional cover letter and resume, an important – but small – part of securing the position.


Pat Summitt: 38 Years of Inspirational Coaching

A look at how Pat Summitt, basketball coach and University of Tennessee legend, embodied the highest moral and ethical standards throughout her stellar career.


10 Things Coaches Can Learn from Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi is one of the most notable figures in football. He had a firm religious grounding that transferred to his professional coaching career.

Youth Athlete Motivation

6 Tips for Motivating Young Athletes

In order for any team or individual to thrive in athletics, motivation has to be in place. Without the desire to improve and be the best that you can be, it’s unlikely that you will achieve your goals and find success.

Athletics Coach

5 Ways to Become a Better Athletics Coach

Coaching is a rewarding, yet challenging career. Simply having tactical skills and knowing a sport does not, on its own, make you a good coach.

coaching philosophy

How to Develop a Coaching Philosophy

Developing a coaching philosophy is central to managing your career and determining what kind of coach you will be.

sports coaching

2016 Career Outlook: Sports Coaching

Coaching is a challenging field that involves training amateur athletes to compete in an individual or team sport.

top paid basketball coaches

Top Paid Coaches in Professional Sports in the USA

Most coaches enter the profession to share their passion for a sport and mold a new generation of athletes. For some coaches, there are also significant financial benefits, and professional-level playing experience is not necessarily a requirement for top salaries.

Rio Olympics 2016

2016 Olympic Games Dates and Preview

Here are just some of the athletes, coaches and teams to keep an eye on at the 2016 Olympics.


Meet Kathryn Smith, The NFL’s First Female Football Coach

This promotion makes history because although other women have contributed to training around the edges of football, Kathryn is the first ever female coach in the NFL.

How to Unify a Divided Locker Room

How to Unify a Divided Locker Room

The unity of your team is vital. If your players aren’t getting along, it can impact their performance. What can start out as simple disagreements can turn into huge interpersonal rifts, which have the potential to greatly impede play.


Five Essential Workouts for the Modern Athlete

When you conjure up an image of the modern athlete, what does that image look like? Is it a runner who’s long, lean and powerful? Is it a crossfitter, built for strength and speed? Or is it a body builder, a triathlete or someone who dabbles in a little bit of everything?

Bobby Bowden

Are You a Good Coach–or a Great One?


5 Tips to Score a College Coaching Gig

What Does Coaching Mean to You?

You’ll always remember your favorite coach and it won’t be because you won the championship game.

UA softball coach joins LSU for record-breaking salary offer

This week, a potentially record-breaking transaction occurred in softball coaching.

An Overview of Athlete Psychological Development

Helping an athlete develop psychologically is just as important as helping them grow and develop physically.


Using Technology to Coach Athletes

The age we live in is quite impressive. The internet has revolutionized the way we see life, integrating technology into every aspect of our daily routine.

Baseball teens

Tips for Creating a Hard-Working Team

Building hard-working team is the hallmark of a great coach in any sport.


Understanding the Importance of Coaches

Coaching a team is one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs you will ever attempt.

The Importance of Knowing Your Players

No matter what level of athletics, whether it be a peewee league to the professional ranks, there is one core skill that every coach must have to lead their team to success.


Latest Tips for Team Building

Building a team to work together can be difficult. For a group of individuals to unify for one purpose, and to represent one unit, the team must be designed from the ground up.

Associated Press names Les Miles college football Coach of the Year

Throughout the past decade, Louisiana State University’s football team has been a force in the South.

A Look At Growth And Development In Sports

Coaches and sports educators need to be aware that children and teenagers grow at different rates through varying stages of development.


Coaching Youth Sports

Many young athletes and budding sports persons aspire to have a professional career in their own respective fields.

Understanding Safety And Injury Prevention

When it comes to athletics, coaches have a lot of roles to fill.

Tom Coughlin’s impact on the New York Giants may inspire coaching degree seekers

National Football League coaches often rely on more than simply attaining coaching master’s and other degrees to win games and inspire teams.

The Finances of Youth Sports in the United States

The landscape of the youth sports world is markedly different than it was a few decades ago.

The Eight Domains Of Coaching Competencies

Obesity is a major health problem in the US and across the world.


The Basics of Sport Team Management

A coach’s job doesn’t stop when the team gets off the field. Coaching a team takes considerable organizational skills and attention to detail.

The Basics Of Physical Conditioning

Any seasoned coach will tell you, physical conditioning routines can either be your worst nightmare or your best friend.

Scientists doubtful of anti-concussion helmet claims, rules may be best method of preventing injuries

Many helmets now feature new technologies that claim to help to prevent concussions in contact sports, but scientists are not convinced that this type of equipment can reduce the impacts associated with brain trauma, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Rex Ryan takes responsibility for his team

In an example of selflessness and supreme responsibility, New York Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan made statements that could be considered very characteristic of the legendary Ryan family’s coaching style, ESPN reports.

New helmet ratings system announced by Virginia Tech focuses on concussion risk

A new diagnostic system, developed by Virginia Tech professor of biomedical engineering Stefan Duma.

New head coach fosters hope for struggling Washington State football program

Whether it is winning the BCS National Championship or experiencing a winless season, the head coach is often held responsible by the media, school administrators and fans.

Krzyzewski becomes winningest men’s basketball coach in NCAA history

Mike Krzyzewski coached his 903 collegiate basketball win on Tuesday, November 15, passing legendary coach Bobby Knight for most wins ever as his Duke Blue Devils downed Michigian State, 74-69, at Madison Square Garden.

Joe Philbin named head coach of Dolphins

Many of the teams in the National Football League did not finish with as strong of a record as the organization’s executives had hoped for.

Gus Malzahn to replace Hugh Freeze as Arkansas State head coach

As the college football season comes to an end, administrators across the country are shaking up coaching positions in hopes of a more successful year in 2012.

Ex-players claim NFL concealed evidence of head injuries

More than 75 former professional football players sued the National Football League (NFL) …

Cowboys consider Rob Ryan for head coaching spot, continuing family legacy

Throughout the past 40 years of professional football in the U.S.

Chicago hospital to host educational event on dangers of concussions

Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Feinberg School of Medicine have announced that it will host an educational event that is intended to raise awareness among athletes.

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