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The Future of Public Transportation

the growth of suburba poverty final

The Growth of Suburban Poverty

Poverty is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States.


6 Tips for Keeping Interscholastic Athletes Cool During Summer Workouts

OU-MBA-#6-Top-5-Exciting-Business-Revival-Success-Stories-Final (3) (1)

5 Exciting Business Revival Success Stories

Infographic of 7 industries that will be impacted by artificial intelligence.

7 Industries Impacted by Artificial Intelligence

How Technology Is Providing Solutions for Clean Water

How Technology Is Providing Solutions for Clean Water

How civil engineers can ensure access to clean water for all despite challenges such as population growth, climate change, and a crumbling water infrastructure.

College Sports and Social Media

College Sports and Social Media

Stress And School Sports

Stress And School Sports

MLB & Young Fans

MLB & Young Fans


Finding Alternative Scholarships for Student Athletes

Going to college on an athletic scholarship is a dream for many high school athletes…

Unlicensed Personnel Vs Nurses Education Is Critical

Unlicensed Personnel Vs. Nurses: Education Is Critical

Child Health In The US

Child Health In The U.S.

Benefits of a 6 hour workday

The Six-Hour Workday

Eight-hour workdays are the most common in the United States workforce, but this infographic demonstrates why a 6-hour workday could be better for productivity.

Benefits of telecommuting for businesses

Telecommuting Can Save Businesses Money

Here is how businesses can take advantage of reduced costs per head, boosts in productivity that generate more revenue, and flexible wages with telecommuting.

How Electrical Engineering Has Shaped the Modern World


The Future of Driving


Public Administration: Building More Diverse Public Organizations and Businesses

Modern businesses have recognized that diversity in the workplace can spur innovation, boost productivity, and cultivate loyalty among staff.



Many students think that an MBA is their only option when it comes to advanced. But for engineers, a Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) offers similar skill building, combined with industry-specific management development, setting up that move to a position of increasing influence and leadership.

Benefits and Challenges of UAVs

The Benefits and Challenges of UAVs


Cost of School Athletics are Increasing

After realizing the ROI of their children’s participation is likely to outweigh the increases in costs, parents are continuing to pay school sports participation fees.


Women and Football: Popularity on the Rise

Between the years 2009 and 2013, female interest in NFL football rose by 26%, more than double the 10% increase among US men.

Cracking the CFA exam

Cracking the CFA Exam

Passing the CFA, or Charter Financial Analyst exam, provides opportunities for financiers to earn higher pay, find new jobs or update their knowledge of the current market. There are three levels and over 2,000 curriculum pages to a CFA exam for which candidates need at least 300 hours of study and preparation.


Virtual Training for Football is Becoming a Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are expected to revolutionize the way people work, communicate, and consume web content.

Startup Unicorns

De-Mythologizing the “StartUp Unicorn”

The best businesses are those that either create trends or adapt to the current needs and demands of the market.


The Benefits & Challenges of Business Innovation

Business innovation benefits not only consumers, but also business owners. Innovative ideas and


AED and School Athletics

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of death in young athletes in America. To prevent such fatalities, the American Heart Association (AHA) has designed a 14-point screening program that learning institutions can use to identify young athletes at risk of SCA.


The Nationwide Decline in Sports Officials

The number of sports officials is decreasing nationwide. What effect will this have on interscholastic sports in the U.S.?


Creating Millennium-Friendly Financial Advising

People often need financial advice that’s best suited to meet their needs, which differ from one generation to another. You cannot expect millennials to consume the same financial advice as baby boomers.


The Numbers Behind Ohio University’s Master of Coaching Education Graduates

The Evolution of Womens Sports-Design 2

The Evolution of Women’s Sports

Not surprisingly, most of the money and attention spent on sports and athletes is directed at men, both at the professional and amateur levels. Professional women’s leagues are relatively young and few women athletes are paid to utilize their skills on a softball diamond or a basketball court.

The Evolution of Portable GPS


Amusement Park and Roller Coaster Engineering


How Software and Big Data are Changing Manufacturing in the United States


The Future of Sustainable Energy


The Importance of Business Analytics


Benefits and Impact of Youth & Interscholastic Sports

Youth and interscholastic sports offer innumerable benefits for our children are but participation is on the decline. How do we boost participation to keep our kids healthy?


Benefits of Expanding College Athletic Facilities

Institutions are answering the demand for better recreation centers with impressive results. Is their investment worth it? Find out here.


Millennials and the NFL Infographic

How is the NFL adapting to the demands of the Millennial generation? Find out now.


The Evolving Modern Professional Athlete

Technological advancements have developed player’s roles and responsibilities in professional athletics.


What it Means for a Coach to be a Leader

Sports coaches are vital to the integrity of each of the teams and the games that they oversee.


How Wearable Tech is Transforming a Coach’s Decision-Making

Technology companies are making massive strides in developing and marketing wearable devises for athletic teams.

Environmental Engineering Solutions to Tourism on Coastlines

Satellites, Radar, and the Electrical Engineer


Civil Engineering: A Solid Job Market


Millennials, Cars and the Future of Transportation


The Lack of Diversity in American College Sports

Diversity in the United States is as popular of an issue as ever.


Diversity demographics of american youth sports

Diversity is a focal point and leading indicator in many aspects of America life, including youth sports.


Top 5 most inspirational sports coaches of all time

Coaches work tirelessly to prepare and condition their players in order to stimulate an environment of winning.


Implementing electronic health records at healthcare organizations

As you complete your Master in Health Administration and start your career, you will undoubtedly encounter new technologies that are continually being integrated into the health care system.


Business Behind the Scenes

As an online MBA degree seeker, you can appreciate the importance of operations management to a company’s overall success.


A Day in the Life of a Stock Broker

If you’re working toward your MBA in Finance online, you’ll be able to choose among a number of career opportunities following graduation.

The benefits of happy employees

The benefits of happy employees


Why focus on talent in the hiring process

Did you know? Teams that focus on employee strengths every day report 13% greater productivity.


The business of mobile payment

Your MBA in Finance online encompasses much more in the digital age.


Alibaba goes public

The “world’s biggest stock offering” occurred in September of 2014, when went public – an event that revealed a great deal about the state of the global economy.


10 items business offer infographic

Whether you’re simply browsing online MBA programs or you are close to graduation, there are certain basics about working in the business world that you need to know.


Types of social interactions businesses might encounter

The digital revolution has changed the way that businesses and consumers interact forever.


Apple leadership infographic


Online MBA Education

Whether pursued for a salary increase, a promotion, or a change in careers, an MBA empowers professionals to pursue the next stage in their careers.


Autonomous Vehicles


Satellites and radar


How Your Data is Being Used

Your MBA online degree courses will cover marketing and big data  – perhaps separately, but more likely as two parts of a whole.


Civil Engineering Failures

Progress is rarely ever a straight, ascending line. More often than not, accidents will happen in the pursuit of higher technology and practices.


Bridges infographic

It can be hard to imagine a world without bridges, just getting home from a friend’s house might take several days instead of five minutes.


Remarkable advances in Electrical and Computer engineering


Kite and key electrical engineering infographic


10 Ways Clean Water Can Improve The World


6 reasons of becoming a nurse practitioner


On the Pulse: Electrical Engineering Inventions that Connect People and Communities


Athletic Administration: No Longer a Boy’s Club

There is a misconception that girls are not interested in sports.


Understanding the Importance of Title IX

In 1972, a law was enacted to help prevent gender discrimination in the United States educational athletic system.


Player safety

High school and college sporting events have become major attractions, garnering acres of space in both print and electronic media.


Preventing concussions in sports

In the field of athletics, a common dialogue of coaches, administrators, athletes, and the media surrounds player safety and concussions.

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