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How Clinical Pathways are Leading Us Towards Patient-Centered Care

America’s medical community is beginning to implement a revolutionary strategy for patient treatment — one that many hope will greatly reduce errors, shorten patient admission time, decrease the rates of readmittance, and empower patients to take part in the treatment process.

5 Benefits of Health Information Technology for Nurse Practitioners

Information technology systems are not just a thing of the cyber world meant for tech companies. Health care environments utilize ever-increasingly robust computer systems to manage staffing, track patient treatment, access medical profiles, and more.

Leadership for Nurse Administrators

The health care field is growing increasingly complex, and many nurse leaders will soon retire.

3 Important Communication Practices for Nurses Caring for Older People

Communicating with the elderly (especially those receiving end-of-life care or who may have lost partial or full usage of their faculties, hearing, or speaking capabilities) requires special skills and intentionality.

Understanding Accounting Position Titles and Department Hierarchies

Accounting teams often range in size from one or two-person teams to large teams of dozens of accounting professionals within sizable corporations.

4 Career Opportunities with an Accounting Degree

Accounting degrees are widely applicable to a number of different career paths. Students armed with an accounting degree have access to an expanding job market that is projected to experience continued positive growth over the coming years.

Managing Virtual Teams Domestically And Internationally

Reversing The Trend: Performance Enhancement Abuse In Athletes

Graduating MBAs and The Gig Economy

Cyber Security Must Permeate Every Organization

Opening The Door To Tuition Reimbursement: How To Ask Your Employer To Pay For Your Degree

Establishing Core Covenants And The National Standards For Sports Coaching’s 8 Domains

Athletic Directors Working with the Community


NIAAA Certification and What it Entails


5 National Associations for Coaches


Training Tips to Prevent Common Sports Injuries


Roles in High School Athletic Departments

The Differences Between a Master of Accountancy and an MBA

In many cases, postgraduate students come to the crossroads of deciding between a general degree such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or one that is more focused.

Finance or Accounting Degree: Which One Is Right for You?

Your entry into a financial career will begin with school. According to a finance job tutorial published by, undergraduate degrees are considered the bare minimum entrance requirement for any job within the finance market, and to gain an edge on the competition, a postgraduate degree is often necessary.

A Look at Today’s Nursing Health Care Challenges

In the United States, patients are increasing demand on the health care system at the fastest rate in modern history.

5 Focus Areas That Promote Evidence Based Nursing

Recently, caregiving best practices have evolved from research utilization to an evidence-based nursing construct.

The Importance of Patient Education and Prescription Drug Abuse

Care providers estimate that one-third to one-half of all patients misuse prescription medications.


Using the Brand Identity Prism to Solidify Your Brand Personality

6 Finance Books for Future Financial Economics Professionals

Financial economics deals with a multitude of complex concepts and theories that professionals need to know as they embark on their careers.

5 Ways Climate Change Is Driving New Investment Opportunities

Savvy investors are able to anticipate how global trends will affect companies and the products and services they offer.

Electrical Engineer

The Top 10 States for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers help power our country. They design, develop, and manufacture the components of systems for transportation, power generation, communications, and more.


3 Green Networking Case Studies

Learn about three companies that are leading sustainability efforts in the networking industry.


Career Outlook: Telecommunications Engineer

Get information about telecommunications engineer jobs including duties, salary, benefits, required skills and career outlook.

How to Improve 5 Aspects of Player Development

Athletic Travel Budget Expenses Coaches Should Consider


5 States with the Most Congested Highways in the Country


The 4 Steps of Treating Your Community’s Water


A Look at the Busiest Ports in the United States


7 Futuristic Bridges Around the World


Infection Control Certification for Nurses

In the United States, infection control nurses are a critical defense against contagious diseases that can proliferate in medical facilities.


Responsibilities of Equity Analysts: Financial Statements

An equity analyst provides research and analysis of financial information for an organization.


5 Types of Financial Markets that Future Investors Should Know

Financial markets exist so that issuers and investors may buy and sell assets to build capital and fund growth.


5 Influential NASA Inventions

Reasons to Avoid Single Sport Specialization in High School


7 Steps to Creating a More Ergonomic Workplace


5 of the World’s Largest Engineering Projects


5 Qualities of Emotional Intelligence


5 Effects of the Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles


A Highlight of Scholarly Contributions from Dr. Bhaven Naik of Ohio University

4 Careers of Today’s Successful Women Athletes

Advantages and Risks of Interscholastic Strength Training

4 Ways to Improve Team Chemistry in Athletics

5 Maintenance Questions to Ask About your Sports Facility

What Student-Athletes Should Know about Athletic Scholarships

Training Habits of Elite Athletes

Roy Williams: A Successful Coaching Philosophy

Valuable Insights into College Recruiting Every Coach Should Know

4 Questions to Ask about Your Performance Evaluation Process


Why Learning Data Analysis Is Essential for Public Administrators

Private-sector companies understand the power of big data.


Developing Core Competencies Can Lead to Competitive Advantage


Using Activity-Based Costing (ABC) to Increase Profitability


Feeling Job Burnout? Use These Work-Life Balance Tips to Reduce Stress


Defining Market Capitalization for Beginners in Finance

Market capitalization represents the total market value of a company’s outstanding stock shares. It is used to measure and classify the size of a company. These classifications, and what they signify, are useful for financial professionals because they help in assessing the size and risk of a company before investing, or before providing financial advice to other investors.


Opportunities for Investors to Increase International Trade within Emerging Markets

4 Tips for Delivering Evidence-Based Treatment at Point of Care

Engineering Manager

6 Strengths for Modern Engineering Managers

Six Sigma

The 7 Roles of Six Sigma

Finger Touching Business Analytics Screen

Benefits of a Business Analytics Course and Degree

Hand Moving King in Chess

3 Frameworks for Ethical Decision-Making

Mergers and Acquisitions

4 Types of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Financial World

In corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions are growth strategies meant to make companies stronger, more competitive, and cost-efficient.

Equity and Bond

Differences Between an Equity Market and Bond Market

In the equity market, also known as the stock market, a company issues shares that are then traded on the stock exchange.

Time Value

Time Value of Money Principles and Concepts

Finance professionals are responsible for identifying the most fruitful investment opportunities.

Patsy Mink

4 Influential Women in Interscholastic Sports

Athletic Director on the Field

An Athletic Director’s Responsibilities and Career Outlook

Coach with clipboard and whistle

Coaching Skills: The Importance of Observational Analysis

Hand Stacking Gold Coins

5 Capital Budgeting Techniques Used by Accountants

Accountants apply capital budgeting techniques as a method for evaluating the potential benefits and risks of large expenses. These include long-term ventures and assets, such as acquiring new land and equipment or building new facilities, with the central goal of yielding greater returns and increasing shareholder value.

A women running on a treadmill with virtual reality headset.

3 Ways Virtual Reality is Enhancing Sports Psychology

Female basketball coach talking with athletes.

4 Traits Developed by Interscholastic Sports

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Ethics in Sports: Challenges that Arise in Interscholastic Athletics

A nurse wearing a surgical mask.

10 Innovative and Influential Nurse Leaders

Most evolutionary nursing pioneers go unnoticed during their time, yet later recognized as shaping the art of caregiving.

Nurse sitting on a patient's bed.

10 Specialized Areas for Nurse Practitioners in 2017

According to research gathered by, salaries for high-demand registered nurses start around $68,000 annually, with nurse practitioners’ salaries being even greater.

Close up of a nurse lab coat

Nine Laws and Regulations Nurse Practitioners Should Know

Nursing is one of the most influential disciplines in medicine.

Smiling civil engineer with blueprint in his hands

5 Benefits of an MSCE Degree

5 benefits of a Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree are just some of the ways an advanced degree helps engineers excel and prosper in their careers.

Financial Management Resources

How a Master of Financial Economics Can Prep You for a Career in Finance

A career in finance can be extremely rewarding, and graduates have a number of different avenues available to achieve this goal.

Working civil engineering

Essential Skills for a Career in Civil Engineering

For those civil engineers who are early on in their career it’s important to have a solid grasp of these 8 skills in engineering today.

White Numbers Black Background

Balance Sheet Analysis: How They’re Used in Corporate Finance

Executives, managers, business owners, and investors all stand to benefit from understanding the fundamentals of balance sheet analysis.

Public administrators meeting.

What an MPA Can Do For Your Career

The diverse roles of public administrators provide many opportunities for students skilled at high-level organization and administration.

Public administrator analyzing graphs.

Seven Key Public Administration Organizations to Know

A variety of tools are available for public administration students who would like to refine their leadership and administration skills.

Social entrepreneur in a meeting

Seven Skills for Social Entrepreneurs

Over the years, social entrepreneurship has grown significantly.

Female basketball coach talking with athletes.

Smart Sports Equipment for Innovative Coaches

Athletic Administrator in a Grey Suit

3 Ways to Demonstrate Leadership in Athletic Programs

5 Industries Utilizing Robotics

5 Industries Utilizing Robotics

Find out which 5 industries are utilizing this new technology to boost efficiency and convenience for both businesses and consumers.

Portrait of Woodrow Wilson

Five Key Figures in the History of Public Administration

Public administration in the United States has undergone many changes over the years and decades as a result of fluctuations in economic and social conditions.

A plant growing in a glass vase full of money.

Seven Ideas When Budgeting for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations rely overwhelmingly on donations to continue operating and accomplishing their goals and objectives.

Four history books

Six Important Moments in the History of the Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector did not come about by accident; it was molded by the actions of people who wanted to preserve and develop the role of the charitable sector in public life.

Professional female trainer with injured athlete.

Women in Sports: 4 History-Making Female Trainers

Football coach showing game strategy to the athletes.

3 Styles of Sports Coaching

Nurse bandaging patient’s hand

6 Best Practices for Nurse Educators to Teach Patients About Their Health

An effective and structured patient education strategy facilitates compliance with state and federal wellness initiatives.

Elder woman with a caretaker

A Look at the Nurse Shortage

Despite an uptick in job openings, the demand for nursing talent sharply outpaces supply.

analyst drawing digital graph

5 Financial Skills Used by Finance Professionals Every Day

Financial professionals often boast an array of critical mathematical, accounting, and analysis strengths.

Tennis player with coach

5 Tips for a Strong Relationship between a Coach and an Athlete

A coach with a hat.

3 Motivation Techniques for Coaches, from Coaches

Patricia Horoho speaking

8 TED Talks for Nurse Practitioners

The global phenomenon known as TED Talks started as a one-time conference to disseminate the ideas of some of the world’s most innovative thinkers.

4 Reasons Why Data Quality Management Relies on Data Cleansing

4 Reasons Why Data Quality Management Relies on Data Cleansing

With increasing amounts of customer, employee and product information, companies should be investing time, money and resources into a data quality management.

Agricultural Drone

The Pros and Cons of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

As the technology advances, UAVs are becoming more common, giving rise to debates that weigh their benefits against new ethical and legal concerns.

A consumer using a smartphone

Gamification Marketing Examples Being Used in Business

Gamification has become a popular strategy to reach consumers. Learn how 5 successful companies used marketing gamification to grow their business.


Types of Investment Strategies

For newcomers to the stock market, the variety of investment strategies can be intimidating. However, when broken down, these strategies are simple, but differ according to specifics, risk, and potential reward. Here are a few common types of investment strategies.


Why the Debt-to-Equity Ratio Matters in Capital Structure

How useful accounting tools like the debt-to-equity ratio informs business managers how and when they can take risks to grow their company.


The Future of E-Recruiting and Virtual Human Resources

How the rise of the Internet has impacted organizational methods use to find new employees via E-recruiting and virtual human resources.

Business Cycles

The Four Phases of the Business Cycle

A business cycle is divided into four phases: expansion, peak, contraction, and trough. These phases describe the cyclical nature of business operations, and they are directly influenced by a number of complex factors such as consumer behavior, bank lending, monetary policy, and inflation to name a few. Here are detailed descriptions of each stage.


Introduction to Commodities

In the finance sector, new investors often find the concept of commodities to be a nebulous topic. The trade methods of commodities in the market can be intricate and extremely complex, making it fairly easy for investors to lose large amounts of money on ill-informed commodities trading.

Engineer with Computer

Knowledge: the Engineer’s Edge

An engineer’s knowledge is a prized and expensive tool that holds an edge despite, and perhaps even because, of daily use. Understand the importance of knowledge.

Business Analytics Meeting

How the Bullwhip Effect Impacts the Supply Chain

How the Bullwhip Effect can help business owners and managers avoid costly pitfalls and maintain a successful supply chain in a product-oriented business.

Business Executives Teamwork

6 Tips for Managing Leadership Change Through the Succession Plan

Managing succession planning requires thorough team preparation. Here are three tips to establish long-term goals that will create organizational growth and future success.

Businessmen handshaking after successful negotiation

Negotiation Tactics Used by Successful Executives

Negotiation is an essential part of business that can be difficult for some. Learn the negotiation tactics used by successful executives.

International business expansion

Five Questions to Ask Before Expanding Internationally

Expanding internationally can be challenging. Discover 5 questions companies should ask before attempting to grow a business in global markets.

Suspension bridge

Global Bridge Construction Designs from Around the World

Modern bridge construction design uses fewer materials than before to create strong bridges. Let’s take a look at a variety of modern bridge types.

A group of millennials jumping

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters in Today’s Society

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company’s initiatives to take actions to be transparent with social, cultural, and environmental issues.

Professionally dressed athlete on track

3 Tips to Help Athletes Transition to Life After Sports

The dedication and perseverance learned from years of competition can benefit athletes in the professional world. Read more about transition tips.

Athletes standing at the start line

Equal Opportunity to be a Student-Athlete: NCAA Demographics Reflect Improvement

accountant with calculator

The Difference Between Managerial and Financial Accounting

In business, there are two major accounting methods: managerial and financial.

team of finance professionals

Financial Analyst Career Profile

If you’re a business professional who seeks employment in the financial services sector, you may be interested in a career as a financial analyst.

business professionals talking

Effective Skills Every Portfolio Manager Needs

Individuals with a relatively large personal or pension investment portfolio, as well as endowment and foundation managers, often utilize the professional services of portfolio managers for specific investment advice.

Predictive analytics, with hand holding smart phone

Four Ways Predictive Analytics is Changing the Course of the Future

Learn how industries are embracing predictive analytics techniques to increase efficiency and change the way businesses interact with their customers.

boardroom with executives

Basic Functions of Today’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A chief financial officer operates within a company’s financial, administrative, and risk management functions. Read about the duties of a CFO.


Engineering Leadership: More Than Management

How engineering managers can ensure they are providing their team with the strong leadership they need to succeed.


Engineering Management in Humanitarian Logistics

What forward-looking engineering leaders should anticipate when facing threats from climate change and public health hazards.


Women in Engineering Leadership

How major engineering projects can reach an even greater societal impact by leveraging women’s contributions.


Engineering with the Millennials

How to attract, retain, and leverage Millennials to handle technical challenges in engineering enterprises.


3 Tips to Prepare Your Players for Game Day


How Technology is Revolutionizing Sports Training


Why is Off-Season Athletic Training Important?


The Importance of a Strong Coach-Athlete Relationship

When Did Title IX Become a Law?

When Did Title IX Become a Law?

What Standards Should Sports Coaches Follow?

What Standards Should Sports Coaches Follow?

How Does Diversity Affect The Performance of Sports Teams?

How Does Diversity Affect The Performance of Sports Teams?

Youth Sports Participation Rate

Youth Sports Participation Rates

What Skills Do Sports Coaches Need to be Successful

What Skills Do Sports Coaches Need to be Successful

5 Mental Skills of Successful Athletes

5 Mental Skills of Successful Athletes


5 Advancements in Transportation Technology

Transportation technology is in the midst of a revolution. Read how new technologies are improving the efficiency of existing transportation methods.


Business Technologies That Will Have Major Impact in 2017

Exciting business prospects are emerging, along with great avenues for anyone interested in technology. This article highlights some of the biggest disruptors on today’s business scene.


10 Business Lessons from Steve Jobs

Years after his passing, Steve Jobs remains one of the most singular and controversial business figures of the century. Here’s a look at some of his most important lessons:


Career Paths for Students with an MBA in Finance

With ordinary consumers showing a growing interest in leveraging finance expertise in their life planning, a wealth of finance jobs are available in both new and traditional settings.


Tips for Becoming a Successful Executive Leader

Cultivating leadership as a student or young professional can give you immense advantages later in life. How can you get started? Use some of these tips.


Job Outlook for Electrical Engineers

An in-depth look at the job market research and career opportunities for tomorrow’s Electrical Engineers.


7 Famous Electrical Engineers

A look at seven of the most influential electrical engineers that paved the way for today’s greatest innovations.

Top Ten TED Talks on Leadership


The Effects of Disasters on Economies Reliant on Tourism

An in depth look at how global disasters like the 2009 recession jeopardize the economy of those living in tourist reliant locations.


The Benefits of Being an Autodidact

How a passion for learning and determination to grow professionally can improve one’s work life.

Understanding the U.S. Code of Ethics for Coaches

Understanding the U.S. Code of Ethics for Coaches

Coaches must remain ethical to keep the playing field fair. Here are some of the most important aspects of the U.S. Code of Ethics for Coaches to follow.

The Importance of Mental Toughness

The Importance of Mental Toughness

Here’s how coaches can help their athletes build the mental toughness they need in order for them to be successful on and off the field.

8 Tips for an Effective Halftime Speech

8 Tips for an Effective Halftime Speech

Whether your team is ahead or behind, here are 8 key pieces of advice for coaches to make an impactful and effective halftime speech.

10 Stress Management Techniques for Sport Coaches

10 Stress Management Techniques for Sport Coaches

To keep players performing at the top of their game, here are 10 tips for coaches to manage their stress healthily on and off the field.

The Smartest Stadiums in America

The Smartest Stadiums in America

In this new era of smart technology, here are some of the most advanced sports stadiums and arenas in the United States today.

7 Positive Uses of Social Media for Student-Athletes and Coaches

7 Positive Uses of Social Media for Student-Athletes and Coaches

Social media has given athletes an opportunity to be seen and heard on a grand scale before going pro.

Guide to the Dangers of Heat Illness for Coaches

Guide to the Dangers of Heat Illness for Coaches

Especially in the summer months, here’s what coaches can do to for their athletes to recognize, prevent, and treat the dangers of heat illness.

Benefits of the Combining Education and Interscholastic Sports

Benefits of the Combining Education and Interscholastic Sports

Roughly 8 million high schoolers participate in interscholastic sports. Of these student-athletes only 6% will be admitted into NCAA universities, and even fewer will become professional athletes.

Return to Action Steps for Post-Concussion Athletes

Return to Action Steps for Post-Concussion Athletes

With over 400,000 head injuries in 2009 alone, here are the steps that must be taken in order for an athlete to safely return to play.

Booster Clubs: Raising Funds for High School Sports

Booster Clubs: Raising Funds for High School Sports

inspirational sports speeches

5 Inspirational Sports Speeches in History

Some of the most inspirational sports speeches that every coach can learn from to motivate their team before, during, and after a game win or lose.

coaching sportsmanship

10 Ways Coaches Can Promote Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is crucial to competitive athletics. Here is some important advice every coach should remember when promoting sportsmanship.

sports team conflict

Addressing Internal Team Conflict

When problems on the field arise, here are some tips that every coach will find useful when addressing internal team conflict.

sports injury and rehab

The Psychology of Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

When players get injured, each athlete responds differently. Whether they’re in denial or noticeably depressed, here are some things to remember when managing a players recovery.


5 Benefits of an MPA

The decision to start a career or pursue a master’s degree is a constant struggle for new college graduates.


Innovative Tips For Coordinating Nonprofit Organizations

Leaders of nonprofit organizations face unique organizational and leadership challenges every day.


Why Medical Waste is More Than ‘Garbage’

Medical waste doesn’t just come from hospitals. As much as two-thirds of all prescription medications sold in the United State goes unused.

Company Valuation

Three Methods of Company Valuation

A leading small business brokerage website reports the highest transaction volume since 2008, with over 2,000 United States enterprises transferring ownership each fiscal quarter in 2016.

International Trade

The Law of Comparative Advantages in International Trade

According to economists, one concept allows citizens to enjoy today’s high living standards.

Capital Structure

8 Factors That Influence Capital Structure of a Business

Capital structure determines a firm’s fiscal and organizational and health. Financial executives create optimal capital structure by diversifying company debts and outstanding shares.

Exercising in Nature

How Exercising in Nature Helps Prevent Occupational Burnout

Occupational burnout is a growing concern in the global workforce.

athletic administrators

7 Leadership Qualities Every Coach Needs

Behind every great team is a capable coach who can overcome the challenges presented by managing different personalities and circumstances.


20 Influential Quotes from Professional Athletes

Because successful sports figures inspire others to excel, here are 20 inspirational quotes made by sports figures to encourage athletes to achieve greatness.


5 Impactful Coaching Decisions in the History of Sports

Decision-making is one central skill among many that helps coaches lead their teams to victory. Here are 5 of the most important coaching decisions in history.


How to Find a Coaching Job

Coaching candidates can use several tactics when seeking jobs, which are available in many settings. After gaining experience, you should create a professional cover letter and resume, an important – but small – part of securing the position.


Pat Summitt: 38 Years of Inspirational Coaching

A look at how Pat Summitt, basketball coach and University of Tennessee legend, embodied the highest moral and ethical standards throughout her stellar career.


10 Things Coaches Can Learn from Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi is one of the most notable figures in football. He had a firm religious grounding that transferred to his professional coaching career.

Financial Fraud

Financial Statement Analysis and Fraud

For companies and organizations to remain as successful as possible, they must maintain a strong understanding of the firm’s financial health.


Fitness Trackers, EMR, and Actionable Data

One in five adults owns a wearable fitness device. Their popularity is due in part to the fact that they have matured as devices, combining both fun and data collection into a single device.

Public Administrator

A Day in the Life of a Public Administrator

The separation of powers in the Constitution established firm rules about the American political system. Congress and legislators write the laws; the executive branch, led by the president, enforces the laws; and the courts interpret the laws.

image alt tag. successful athletic director

7 Essential Traits of a Successful Athletic Director

An athletic director faces one of the most complex, challenging, and rewarding leadership roles at any school, whether working at the high school or college level.

image alt tag. sportsmanship

10 Inspiring Examples of Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is one of the most important parts of any athletic endeavor. Good sportsmanship encourages every athlete to give his or her all.

image alt tag. becoming college ready

5 Tips to Help Your Student-Athletes Become College-Ready

Student athletes who have enthusiastic support from coaches and peers are most likely to adapt to college life in a fast, healthy way.

image alt tag. networking in athletic administration

A Guide to Networking for Athletic Directors

Networking allows athletic directors to identify issues with their program and brainstorm creative ways to solve problems faster.

Studying public health

The Role of a Public Administrator in the Health Industry

When President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare into law in 1965, he radically transformed the American health care system, establishing a firm link between public policy, public administration and medicine. In the intervening decades, the connection has only grown stronger, as Medicare expanded and the public demanded increasing oversight of the industry.

successful public administration

10 Traits of a Successful Public Administrator

Author Victor Lipman made famous the idea that good employees quit managers and leaders, not organizations. The idea is that a single bad manager can have a catastrophic impact on employee morale, turnover, and the overall effectiveness of the organization.

The Physical Effects of Stress

Stress has become one of America’s leading health concerns. In fact, recent research performed by the American Psychological Association shows that 51 percent of women and 43 percent of men in America experience negative side effects of chronic stress.


Eating Well to Get Well: The Hospital Food Challenge

Caregivers and patients in a hospital have a common struggle: finding something genuinely healthy to eat.

Supply Chain Management Salary and Job Insights

To be successful in their job, a supply chain manager must understand the costs of goods, components, raw materials, and transportation in global markets.

Areas of Business Operations Data Mining Is Improving

Businesses proactive in their use of data have unprecedented opportunities to target their efforts and greatly enhance the return they receive on investments.

Conversational Commerce Is the New Way to Sell

Many of the most significant recent developments in e-commerce have centered around the idea of brands communicating with customers and vice versa.

How to Lead by Example and Its Impact on Organizations

True leadership inspires and motivates, helping others tap their potential. An executive who leads by example primes others to do their best work.

An Overview of Change Management Best Practices

Change management campaigns present many challenges as they develop. To be successful, they must take place within an organized framework that delivers consistent and measurable results.

What Is a Tech Unicorn Startup?

A unicorn startup is a tech company with a valuation of $1 billion or more. Today, unicorns are being found to be not quite as rare as once believed.

Youth Athlete Motivation

6 Tips for Motivating Young Athletes

In order for any team or individual to thrive in athletics, motivation has to be in place. Without the desire to improve and be the best that you can be, it’s unlikely that you will achieve your goals and find success.

Athletics Coach

5 Ways to Become a Better Athletics Coach

Coaching is a rewarding, yet challenging career. Simply having tactical skills and knowing a sport does not, on its own, make you a good coach.

Bond Types

An Overview on Bond Types

As we know, bonds are debt investments that governments and businesses use to finance large projects for which a traditional loan is either inadequate or unavailable. A public bond allows the organization to raise money from individual investors.

Financial Analysis Techniques

Financial Analysis Techniques Every Accountant Should Know

Financial analysis is an often-overlooked role for accountants, but an increasing number of companies are turning to accountants to provide deep insight into the financial health of the business.

International Trade

Ten Economic Benefits of International Trade

Recent discussions about the impact of international trade agreements, like NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), CAFTA (the Central America Free Trade Agreement) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, caused many Americans to reconsider the nation’s position.

coaching philosophy

How to Develop a Coaching Philosophy

Developing a coaching philosophy is central to managing your career and determining what kind of coach you will be.

sports coaching

2016 Career Outlook: Sports Coaching

Coaching is a challenging field that involves training amateur athletes to compete in an individual or team sport.

top paid basketball coaches

Top Paid Coaches in Professional Sports in the USA

Most coaches enter the profession to share their passion for a sport and mold a new generation of athletes. For some coaches, there are also significant financial benefits, and professional-level playing experience is not necessarily a requirement for top salaries.

International Impact

Five Takeaways MBA Students Can Learn from Brexit

Rio Olympics 2016

2016 Olympic Games Dates and Preview

Here are just some of the athletes, coaches and teams to keep an eye on at the 2016 Olympics.

Financial World

8 Ways Brexit Impacted the Financial World

U.K.’s recent exit from the European Union had a major influence on the country, with its impact ranging from the British music industry to immigration laws. But the impact of Brexit doesn’t end there, as global industries have seen noticeable changes as well. One of the most obvious industries immediately impacted is the global financial market, with the S&P Global Broad Market Index, the U.S. dollar and the Pound Sterling amongst the financial institutions most influenced by the decision.

high school football

10 Dominant American High School Football Programs

College and professional football have long been two of America’s favorite sports, but over the past two decades, high school football has become very popular as well.

athletic administrators

Protecting Your High School Athletes During College Recruiting

Athletic administrators, high school coaches and athletes know that college recruiting can be a major benefit for athletes and high school programs.

interscholastic sports

The Future of Interscholastic Sports

Despite the increase in fans watching football, many studies have reported a drop in athletes desiring to play the sport, particularly at the high school level.

athletic administrator

Explaining the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

No matter what role you play in an academic setting, it’s important to be aware of the laws and regulations defined by FERPA.

coaching communication

6 Tips for Coaches when Communicating with Athlete’s Parents

There are right ways and wrong ways to communicate with parents and guardians, so let’s consider some of the best approaches.

change management

Five Change Management Models in Business

Business Conferences

Ten Business Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2016

engineering writing

An Introduction to Engineering Writing

Cloud Technology

Information Systems for the Engineering Manager: Overview and Use in Civil Engineering Projects

Engineering law

The Basics of Engineering Law

Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership Case Studies

Consumer behavior

Four Consumer Behavior Theories Every Marketer Should Know

Organizational Communication

Seven Steps to Improving Organizational Communication


Meet Kathryn Smith, The NFL’s First Female Football Coach

This promotion makes history because although other women have contributed to training around the edges of football, Kathryn is the first ever female coach in the NFL.

How to Unify a Divided Locker Room

How to Unify a Divided Locker Room

The unity of your team is vital. If your players aren’t getting along, it can impact their performance. What can start out as simple disagreements can turn into huge interpersonal rifts, which have the potential to greatly impede play.


Five Essential Workouts for the Modern Athlete

When you conjure up an image of the modern athlete, what does that image look like? Is it a runner who’s long, lean and powerful? Is it a crossfitter, built for strength and speed? Or is it a body builder, a triathlete or someone who dabbles in a little bit of everything?

Treating America’s Water Supply

A Smart Look at Natural Resources


Effective Practices for Hiring Athletic Coaches

Due to the fluctuation and evolvement that define the collegiate athletic arena today, personnel changes are a commonplace part of the game.


5 Tips to Help Your Athletes Earn College Scholarships

Whether you coach a team full of athletes bound for the collegiate athletic arena or have but one or two players who are determined to compete in college, your role as their coach often involves helping prepare them for the rigorous college search and recruitment process.


5 Sports Technology Trends Emerging in 2016

As 2016 comes into full swing, all the freshly minted gym memberships that have lasted into February start to show signs of wear and use and fitness enthusiasts are eager to discover what advances the health horizon promises for the year.


The Latest Trends Driving Sports Marketing

Sports marketing: employing sports and the environments, fans, participants, and affinities they produce as a means of profiling and targeting consumers.


Highlighting the Importance of Title IX

Almost anyone who has been exposed to collegiate activities in one form or another has heard of the famed Title IX legislature.


Uncommon — But Awesome — Post-MBA Careers

An MBA degree can lead to a promising and stable career in traditional fields like investment banking or consulting, the unfortunate reality is that there are far more students than opportunities available in these desirable financial fields.


So You’re Ready to Get Your MBA — Now What?

Enrolling in an MBA program is like a deposit in your most valuable investment — yourself.  Making the decision to pursue any advanced degree is a significant one. 


Resources for Online Learners

Online learning has revolutionized higher education, not only because of its convenience and accessibility, but because it can make the learning process more interesting and engaging.


Plot Your Career Path to Tailor Your MBA Studies

An MBA degree is a valuable asset to help you create opportunities to advance your career, particularly in leadership roles.


Corporate Finance – An Overview

Most companies are in the business of making money. But what happens to that money once it’s earned — who makes the decisions on how to manage it, maximizing its potential while minimizing any risk?


Why a Great GMAT Score Doesn’t Equal A Great MBA Candidate

For those considering pursuing an MBA degree, a high GMAT score can seem like the elusive golden ticket needed for admission to an MBA program.


Choosing an MBA Specialty

The primary reason for a student to enroll in an MBA degree is to advance their career, specifically to pursue advancement or leadership opportunities that would not be otherwise available.


Business Communication Etiquette

Advances in technology have made it easier to connect with anyone at anytime. This has certainly made working more convenient and efficient, but it comes with an increased risk of breaching professional etiquette.

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The Benefits of Interscholastic Athletic Programs

Today’s high school systems experience pressure from all sides. Curriculum changes, technological advances, personnel shifts, and funding uncertainties obstruct the educational landscape


A Civil Engineer’s Look at Roads and Highways

Intro to Microwaves: Theory and Devices

A short introduction to microwave technology, including an overview of microwave theory and devices.


Six Sigma for Engineer Managers

Bobby Bowden

Are You a Good Coach–or a Great One?


5 Tips to Score a College Coaching Gig


The Fundamentals of a Human Resource Department

Human resources departments are vital to the functioning of most any large organization.


Effective Leadership of Sports Programs

Sport management is an occupation that requires excellence in leadership in order to perform the job successfully.

Individual baseline for youth athletes important in determining risk, say experts

Researchers who presented findings at this year’s annual meeting of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine claim that establishing an individualized baseline for youth athletes is important to accurately determine future risk of sports-related concussions.

Most states now have concussion legislation

Concussions have been among the most discussed injuries in sports in recent years.

Combating dangerous youth concussions with proper training for coaching

Concussions have been a hot topic in sports in recent years.

I Am An Athletic Director

Building Dynamic Interscholastic Athletic Administrators.


Finance Administration of Sports: Budgeting, Forecasting, and Planning

Good financial management is key to any successful sports program.

Athletic Leadership

All businesses depend on quality leadership. When sports are involved, it’s even more integral to success, because proper leadership affects what happens on the playing field, as well as off.

Health Care Legislation

With the constant evolution of health care policy, it can be challenging to stay current with the latest intricacies.

Health Administration Careers

With the many advances in medicine in the last 50 years alone, dedicated professionals in the medical field have achieved greatly improved outcomes for many patients.

Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Today’s Health Care Administrators

Health care administrators play a significant role in establishing the programs and environments that directly affect patient care delivery within their health system.

What Does Coaching Mean to You?

You’ll always remember your favorite coach and it won’t be because you won the championship game.

UA softball coach joins LSU for record-breaking salary offer

This week, a potentially record-breaking transaction occurred in softball coaching.

An Overview of Athlete Psychological Development

Helping an athlete develop psychologically is just as important as helping them grow and develop physically.


Using Technology to Coach Athletes

The age we live in is quite impressive. The internet has revolutionized the way we see life, integrating technology into every aspect of our daily routine.

Baseball teens

Tips for Creating a Hard-Working Team

Building hard-working team is the hallmark of a great coach in any sport.


Understanding the Importance of Coaches

Coaching a team is one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs you will ever attempt.

The Importance of Knowing Your Players

No matter what level of athletics, whether it be a peewee league to the professional ranks, there is one core skill that every coach must have to lead their team to success.


Latest Tips for Team Building

Building a team to work together can be difficult. For a group of individuals to unify for one purpose, and to represent one unit, the team must be designed from the ground up.

A Closer Look at Engineering Professions

Engineering applies a variety of factors to a situation in order to find a solution to an existing or potential problem.

Is the Online Engineering Management Degree Right for me?

When your engineering career begins to feel stagnant, and you see little opportunity for advancement without further education, it’s easy to feel panicked.

Getting an Engineering Degree Online: Challenges and Opportunities

For working engineers who are looking to move up in their careers, getting an advanced engineering degree online can provide both challenges and opportunities.

Engineering Project Management: Methods and Best Practices

If you want to succeed in engineering project management, you must have a firm grasp of the proven methods and best practices.

Transition to a Higher Paying Engineering Management Salary

Being an effective engineering manager is about understanding what your team needs to reach project completion.

What to Expect From an Engineering Management Career

Most engineers appreciate the value of an effective team leader who consistently bring projects to on-time completion.

MBA vs. Master of Engineering Management

All engineering managers must possess technical knowledge. However, those engineers who also possess superior management skills have an edge.

Engineering Management Programs: Become a Manager and Remain an Engineer

Many engineers look for a way to advance their careers and salaries or feel the need for a change of pace, but they also want to continue to use their engineering skills and knowledge.

Advance Your Education With An Online Engineering Degree for Managers

Whether you’re a manager looking to lead an engineering team or an engineer who wants to further your career in a leadership role, an online engineering degree for managers could be your ticket to advancement.

Civil Engineering Resource and Career Guide

Civil engineering is gaining more importance in the world today, as there is an increasing need for buildings and structures to be constructed.

The Complete Engineering Resource Guide

The engineering industry can cover everything from city planning to software engineering and from building the smallest and largest structures.

Ultimate Guide to Engineering Ethics

Engineering ethics is a set of ethical standards for engineers to follow which can apply to most circumstances that arise on the job.

Why the Ohio University MHA Online Program?

My name is Dave Yost. I work with Catholic Health Partners, a large hospital system based in Cincinnati.

Curriculum that Reflects the Changing Landscape of Health Care

Ohio University’s MHA Online Program Webinar. We appreciate you taking some time out to join us this evening. An Interview with Dr. RuthAnn Althaus

Dr. RuthAnn Althaus, Online MHA Program Coordinator at Ohio University, joins us today to discuss healthcare administration.


The Business of Health Care

A revolution is underway in health care. President Barack Obama’s health care law, medical technology’s inexorable progress, and mushrooming costs are quickly transforming the face of the industry.

The Importance of Change for Every Business

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. While that principle might apply in some areas of life, it doesn’t belong in business.

What You Need to Know About Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is an essential aspect of businesses across multiple industries.

Uber, Airbnb, and the Revolution of Business

Uber and Airbnb are a couple hot names in business. They run on models that break from the traditional structure where businesses have a product to sell.

Top 10 Engineering Associations

Engineering professional organizations provide important support to engineers.

Important Skills to Become the Ultimate Engineering Manager

Engineers exist to create practical solutions to society’s problems, and what every team of engineers needs is the ultimate engineering manager who can effectively lead the team to maximum productivity and efficiency.

10 Leadership Tips for the Up and Coming MBA

Earning an MBA might qualify you for a leadership position, but you need to take extra steps to become a truly great leader.

America’s Top Business Leaders

America continues to be a land of opportunity, just as it was decades ago.

Getting Your MBA in a Digital World

There’s a digital skills gap among leaders today, and it widens with each new technology that takes hold of the world’s imagination.

Investment 101 Cheat Sheet

While an individual’s investment strategies should depend on several factors.

Top Five Reasons to Get Your MBA Online

Once you’ve made your decision to pursue your MBA degree, there is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the program that is right for you.

Six Business Trends You Should Know About

Several of the biggest trends already have a footing in the business world. Most are centered on technology which continues to be the major driver of change.

Seven Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement

In October 2013, Gallup, a leader in polling employee satisfaction rates, came out with a stunning report on the “State of the Global Workplace.”

Tips for Maintaining Your Focus as an Online Student

There are so many advantages to choosing an online education over a traditional campus experience.

4 Ways to Be More Productive

Sometimes you get so caught up in trying to keep up that your productivity suffers.


5 Ways to Pivot Your Career and Land Your Dream Job

The correlation between job satisfaction and life satisfaction is hardly a revelation.


The Growth of Predictive Analytics

For years, forward-thinking companies have leveraged the power of Big Data to glean valuable insights into their customers and to shape their business and marketing plans.


Predictive vs. Prescriptive Analytics: What’s the Difference?

The purpose of any analytics program in business is to combine the troves of internally sourced data with data from public and other third-party sources into actionable insight to improve business operations.


5 Key Insights From Today’s Top Business Leaders

Ever wonder what today’s most influential and successful business leaders consider the most important insights gained during their rise to the top?

Sam churchhill

3 Things You Need to Know About Operations Management

When you think about your new iPhone 6 Plus or the iPad Air 2 that is permanently fused to your hands, you probably don’t thank operations management for these beloved gadgets. 


4 Leaders Who Love What They Do

It’s difficult to describe what makes a leader.

The Unique Value of the MBA Degree

According to the Institute of Education Sciences, the unemployment rate for people with a bachelor’s degree in 2013 was a mere seven percent.


The Role of Data in Marketing

If you think you’ve heard enough about the era of Big Data, think again.

5 Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy While Earning an MBA

Even for students who attend business school full time with no extracurricular commitments, the stress can be crushing.

4 Ways to Make an MBA Irresistible to Startups

Startups led the way among the types of organizations showing a stronger presence on campus to recruit MBAs.

4 Things You Never Knew Could Help Your MBA Application

Applying for business school has become more competitive in recent years as interest in MBA programs has risen. Use these four strategies to make your application unforgettable.


4 Reasons Why Getting Your Healthcare MBA Is Important Right Now

Healthcare is one of the hottest topics in the American news media.


4 Ways to Get That Promotion

If you want to get that promotion, hard work alone may not be enough.


Why These 5 Businesses Are On Top Right Now

From tech to finance to healthcare, the business landscape is full of potential.


The Importance of Data in 2014 and Beyond

Big data – it’s the deluge of information we now have access to thanks to technology.


How to Stay Relevant in Any Industry


6 Tips for Staying Productive All Day

Busy students who have dual roles of earning a degree while holding down a job may find it hard to focus constantly.


Going Global: Why And How It Works

Is your business ready to make the leap to the global market? Today, companies are taking on global growth with increasing confidence.


5 Management Tips for the Young Executive

Dealing with people who work for you is a difficult balancing act of tough love, expectation, and occasionally disappointment.


4 Things You Need to Know About Finance

Careers in the finance sector are among America’s most lucrative, with management analysts, financial analysts, and financial examiners all raking in the big bucks.


6 Tips for Millennial Managers

Whether you’re a millennial yourself or just managing millennials, taking on new management responsibilities comes with complications.

5 Trends in Healthcare and Business

Health care is a booming and ever-changing industry.


How Executive Management is Evolving

The financial pressures of recent years have taken a toll on businesses everywhere.


How the Workplace is Getting More Creative

The fields of marketing, advertising, and design aren’t the only ones encouraging creative thinking anymore.


Innovators in Business

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.”


6 Industries Poised for Growth

The United States economy is finally returning to a state where people can think about investing again.


5 Networking Tips for Online Students

If you’re taking classes for your online MBA, you may think you have no room for networking.

The 4 Characteristics of the Best Employers in the US

Certain characteristics can make employees happier and more committed to work.

The Role of Financial Statements in Managerial Decision Making

In today’s sometimes volatile economy, business managers are frequently asked to make process decisions that help the company’s capital work harder or to decrease overhead costs.

What is the Value of Teamwork?

Teamwork is a powerful concept that you can put to work in nearly any industry.

Evaluating Equity Markets and Why You Need To Know About Them

An equity market, better known as a stock market, provides a platform for the purchase and sale of stock to and from a network of buyers and sellers in essentially real time at an agreed-upon price.

Why Hiring for Talent is Strategic and How it Leads to Success

“Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it.”

What Keeps Employees Engaged and Motivated?

Chief financial officers across the United States say that retaining qualified employees is one of their greatest concerns.

The Basic Structure of a Balance Sheet

Whether you’re looking to become an entrepreneur or you simply want to secure upward mobility in the corporate world, understanding the fundamentals of finance is key.

5 Subjects for Fearless Entrepreneurs

Many people believe that studying business is the best educational path for a budding entrepreneur.

5 Tips to Help You Stand Out from Other MBA Graduates

You worked hard to earn your graduate business degree, but simply having one won’t make employers want to hire you.

Why Employers Hire MBA Students

Hiring continues to increase for advanced business degree holders.

6 Apps Successful Students Have on their iPads

Earning an MBA can be a daunting process. Tuition, fees, student life, and classes too.

5 Influential Books for MBA Students

Your journey toward obtaining your MBA will be filled with plenty of textbooks, but textbooks aren’t the only prose that can train you for a successful career in business.

5 Jobs for MBA Grads Who Love Technology

Finance isn’t the leading option for MBAs that once it was.

5 Real Life Skills That Can Help You Earn an MBA

Before even considering an MBA, it’s important for all people to gain some experience in and out of the workplace.

5 Skills All MBA Students Should Develop Before Graduation

There is a lot more to higher education than earning a degree in your major.

4 MBA Careers You Never Thought Possible

Just because you go to business school doesn’t mean you have to get an office job like other graduates.

4 Popular Careers for Women with MBAs

Society has traditionally frowned on ambitious women who place a high priority on earning a good income — even when those women have invested in earning high-level business degrees.

4 Reasons Why Big Data Means Big Advantages for MBA Grads

Successful businesses need access to data that can help them understand industry trends, consumer needs, and untapped audiences.

4 Social Media Rules for Businesses

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest aren’t just for Gen Y’ers any more.

5 Things MBA Grads Wished They’d Known the First Semester

This time of year, thousands of students enter the first semester of their MBA programs, while countless more begin the application process.

Top Trends in Business

New ideas emerge every day in our 24/7, always-on society.

Investment 101 Cheat Sheet

While an individual’s investment strategies should depend on several factors.

The 4 Characteristics of the Best Employers in the US

Certain characteristics can make employees happier and more committed to work.

The Commandment of Great Communication and Leadership

Leadership skills can be taught, but the innate drive to apply these principles comes more naturally to some people than it does to others.

Financial Fitness Checklist

The world of finance is one that requires mastering knowledge of everything from how credit scores are determined to understanding the stock market.

HR Then vs Now

The need for human resources is paramount in business for the simple fact that businesses are made up of people, and the success of that business will always be tied to the skills and abilities of its employees.

Picking the Best Employer

All job seekers must go through the interview process.

Making Data-Based Decisions

Big Data is changing the way managers make financial decisions impacting every aspect of an organization.

Was Steve Ballmer Good or Bad for Microsoft?

Steve Ballmer has been criticized in the press and by outsiders for focusing too much on Microsoft’s core PC software, Windows and Office, at the expense of taking the company into new territory.

The Impact of Modern Information Systems

There’s no question as to how integral information technology systems have become for businesses of all sizes.

How Digital Technologies Have Transformed Business

While information systems have always been a critical component of effective business management, the phenomenal pace of technological advancement has made it increasingly difficult to keep up with best practices.

The Pros & Cons of the Virtual Team

The concept of virtual teams has gone mainstream.

Should Your Business Use a Balanced Scorecard Approach?

Businesses around the world have been using the Balanced Scorecard approach for decades, benefitting from the strategic value it provides in measuring performance across an organization.

Associated Press names Les Miles college football Coach of the Year

Throughout the past decade, Louisiana State University’s football team has been a force in the South.

A Look At Growth And Development In Sports

Coaches and sports educators need to be aware that children and teenagers grow at different rates through varying stages of development.


Coaching Youth Sports

Many young athletes and budding sports persons aspire to have a professional career in their own respective fields.


The Importance of Culture to Business Success

“Culture is not about being cool or even being a ‘best place to work.’ It’s about being more successful. Period.


The Global Influence on the U.S. Stock Market

The movements of international financial markets can impact the U.S. stock market.


The Evolution of the Business of Technology

Business and technology go hand in hand. As one advances, so does the other, or else it risks falling behind and becoming outdated.

Managing the “I” Generation

Every new technology brings new challenges into the workplace.

How PC Technology Has Affected Business Decision Making

It’s hard to imagine the early days of business, when all information was collected and assessed manually before any executive decisions could be made.

How Online Learning Promotes Entrepreneurship

There is an ongoing debate as to whether an MBA degree can help a budding entrepreneur get started.

Entrepreneurs and the MBA Degree

The success of innovators such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg might have convinced you that higher education isn’t necessary for entrepreneurial success.

Enhancing Your Business on Social Media

Many MBAs choose to follow a marketing track because of an intriguing combination of creativity and analytics.

Accounting for Business Executives

Accounting is quite simply the language of business.


4 Ways to Know You Should Be an Operations Manager

As you pursue your MBA, you may be contemplating your career path.


4 Challenges Associated With Big Data

No Crystal Ball Needed to See the Future of Finance

Mainstream publications, job boards, industry think tanks, and staffing industry leaders all agree that the future appears bright for finance MBAs.

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Nursing?

Today, nurses are in high demand in healthcare facilities across the nation.

Online Master’s in Nursing

The nursing shortage has created a high demand for qualified individuals in the health care market.

Understanding Safety And Injury Prevention

When it comes to athletics, coaches have a lot of roles to fill.

Tom Coughlin’s impact on the New York Giants may inspire coaching degree seekers

National Football League coaches often rely on more than simply attaining coaching master’s and other degrees to win games and inspire teams.

The Finances of Youth Sports in the United States

The landscape of the youth sports world is markedly different than it was a few decades ago.

The Eight Domains Of Coaching Competencies

Obesity is a major health problem in the US and across the world.


The Basics of Sport Team Management

A coach’s job doesn’t stop when the team gets off the field. Coaching a team takes considerable organizational skills and attention to detail.

The Basics Of Physical Conditioning

Any seasoned coach will tell you, physical conditioning routines can either be your worst nightmare or your best friend.

Scientists doubtful of anti-concussion helmet claims, rules may be best method of preventing injuries

Many helmets now feature new technologies that claim to help to prevent concussions in contact sports, but scientists are not convinced that this type of equipment can reduce the impacts associated with brain trauma, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Rex Ryan takes responsibility for his team

In an example of selflessness and supreme responsibility, New York Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan made statements that could be considered very characteristic of the legendary Ryan family’s coaching style, ESPN reports.

New helmet ratings system announced by Virginia Tech focuses on concussion risk

A new diagnostic system, developed by Virginia Tech professor of biomedical engineering Stefan Duma.

New head coach fosters hope for struggling Washington State football program

Whether it is winning the BCS National Championship or experiencing a winless season, the head coach is often held responsible by the media, school administrators and fans.

Krzyzewski becomes winningest men’s basketball coach in NCAA history

Mike Krzyzewski coached his 903 collegiate basketball win on Tuesday, November 15, passing legendary coach Bobby Knight for most wins ever as his Duke Blue Devils downed Michigian State, 74-69, at Madison Square Garden.

Joe Philbin named head coach of Dolphins

Many of the teams in the National Football League did not finish with as strong of a record as the organization’s executives had hoped for.

Gus Malzahn to replace Hugh Freeze as Arkansas State head coach

As the college football season comes to an end, administrators across the country are shaking up coaching positions in hopes of a more successful year in 2012.

Ex-players claim NFL concealed evidence of head injuries

More than 75 former professional football players sued the National Football League (NFL) …

Cowboys consider Rob Ryan for head coaching spot, continuing family legacy

Throughout the past 40 years of professional football in the U.S.

Chicago hospital to host educational event on dangers of concussions

Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Feinberg School of Medicine have announced that it will host an educational event that is intended to raise awareness among athletes.

Choosing the Right Online Masters in Nursing Program

With advancing technology, today’s students wishing to pursue advance degrees have a wide variety of options.

Nurse Administrator Resources

Are you a practicing nurse considering returning to school for an advanced degree?

Nurse Educator Resources

Are you considering enhancing your nursing career by going back to school?


4 Keys to Human Resource Management

Human resource management is essential for keeping your business running smoothly.

Can You Trust Your Stockbroker?

In a 2013 Gallup poll, stockbrokers were named the fourth least trustworthy professionals.

What’s Personality Got to Do with It?

When we meet an exceptional leader in our travels throughout work and life, we think that they must have been born for the job with all the necessary personality traits in perfect alignment.


The Fundamentals of Corporate Change

Advances in technology, a shifting economy, and new consumer demands make corporate change a necessity.


4 Uses for Analytics in Business

Businesses are harnessing the power of big data and powerful analytics to gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Scientists doubtful of anti-concussion helmet claims, rules may be best method of preventing injuries

Many helmets now feature new technologies that claim to help to prevent concussions in contact sports.


Building Brand Awareness Through Athletic Sponsorships

Thoughtfully chosen sports sponsorships can be an effective way to market a new or existing brand.

Position Yourself as a Leader.