April 8th, 2014
By: Kelly Rogers, Marketing Manager for the online MAA Program

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Kelly Rogers: What courses do you teach for the online MAA program and what is your approach to the curriculum?

John Evers: Over the past 3 years, I have taught 10 of the MAA courses at Ohio University. After spending 35 years in education and 17 years as an Athletic Director, I try to share as much of my experience in the field as possible. Much of the curriculum is based on Leadership Training Institute classes from the NIAAA. I am a National Faculty member for the NIAAA and I try to also establish a bridge between Ohio University MAA courses and the LTC classes I teach for the NIAAA.

Much of my current focus is on four courses. I teach the SASM 6700 Financial Administration of Sport Facilities and Programs course on a regular basis. It allows me to share my financial experience from my years on the interscholastic level. I also regularly assist with the SASM 6100 Athletic Administration Seminar and SASM 6040 Administration of Interscholastic Athletic Programs courses. These courses allow me to work with new entries into the MAA program. My goal in these courses is to get students started in the MAA program with the proper skill set. Finally, I enjoy working with the Facilities course. The use of mission and philosophy to drive decisions on how facilities are used always interested me. Teaching the Facilities course allows me to explore that interest.

KR: Describe the online community at Ohio University – how do students interact with each other and with faculty?

JE: I had no experience with online work until joining the Ohio University MAA faculty three years ago. I had just retired from my job as Athletic Director and was searching for new challenges. After three years, I must say that I enjoy the online environment just as much or more than I did my classroom experiences. My fellow instructors and the students have been great to work with. There is a great spirit of collective sharing and growth that is quite refreshing and enjoyable. Ohio University and the MAA programs also provide a helpful network to aide students as they progress in their careers.

The Ohio University MAA experience has been great for me. After retiring from the traditional classroom environment, I really enjoy the interaction and sharing that I have seen with my online students. The class work has given me a chance to share what I have learned. At the same time, it has allowed me to look at athletic administration from a totally different perspective than during my time on the job. I have been able to work at a measured pace with the students. The course work has allowed me to spend more time in reading, study and discussion than was ever possible while on the job. The professional growth I have experienced while serving as an instructor has been the most enjoyable part of my experience at Ohio University. This experience has really aided me in becoming a true lifelong learner.

KR: What do you enjoy most about teaching for this program?

JE: My work with the MAA program has really encouraged me. As I was ending my career, I doubted the dedication of those that might follow me in athletic administration. The level of dedication and drive I have seen in my students at Ohio University has erased all those fears. It is my firm belief that the graduates of the Ohio University MAA program will be great leaders for the student-athletes they serve. They will exit the MAA program with the skills and attitudes needed to serve their schools and communities for years to come.

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