Online Master of Public Administration Course Descriptions

Integrative Core Courses (27 Credits)

MPA 6200 Foundations of Public Administration 3 Credits
MPA 6010 Research Methods in Leadership and Public Affairs 3 Credits
MPA 5140 Organizational Leadership 3 Credits
MPA 5580 Public Sector Program Evaluation 3 Credits
MPA 5860 Public Budgeting 3 Credits
MPA 5850 Policy Analysis for Public Affairs and Leadership 3 Credits
MPA 5810 Public Private Partnerships 3 Credits
MPA 5590 Measuring Outcomes in Public and Non-Profit Organizations 3 Credits
MPA 6800 Strategic Leadership and Public Value 3 Credits

Public Leadership and Management Concentration (9 Credits)

MPA 5120 Public Human Resource Management 3 Credits
MPA 5830 Data Analytics for Public and Non-Profit Managers 3 Credits
MPA 5870 Financial Management in Government 3 Credits

Non-Profit Management Concentration (9 Credits)

MPA 5680 Nonprofit Financial Management and Resource Development 3 Credits
MPA 5890 Nonprofit Leadership and Governance 3 Credits
MPA 5660 Strategic Communication and Outreach for Nonprofit Management 3 Credits

Crisis and Emergency Management

MPA Crisis Collaboration 3 Credits
MPA Crisis Leadership 3 Credits
MPA Crisis and Emergency Planning 3 Credits

State and Local Government Management

MPA 5870 Financial Management in Government 3 Credits
MPA 5900 Special Topics: Civic Innovation and Citizen Engagement 3 Credits
MPA 5900 Special Topics: Public Sector Innovation in State and Local Government (Summer 2020) 3 Credits