Online Master of Public Administration Course Descriptions

Integrative Core Courses (27 Credits)

MPA 6200 Foundations of Public Administration3 Credits
MPA 6010Research Methods in Leadership and Public Affairs3 Credits
MPA 5140Organizational Leadership3 Credits
MPA 5580Public Sector Program Evaluation3 Credits
MPA 5860Public Budgeting3 Credits
MPA 5850Policy Analysis for Public Affairs and Leadership3 Credits
MPA 5810Public Private Partnerships3 Credits
MPA 5590Measuring Outcomes in Public and Non-Profit Organizations3 Credits
MPA 6800Strategic Leadership and Public Value3 Credits

Public Leadership and Management Concentration (9 Credits)

MPA 5120Public Human Resource Management3 Credits
MPA 5830Data Analytics for Public and Non-Profit Managers3 Credits
MPA 5870Financial Management in Government3 Credits

Non-Profit Management Concentration (9 Credits)

MPA 5680Nonprofit Financial Management and Resource Development3 Credits
MPA 5890Nonprofit Leadership and Governance3 Credits
MPA 5660Strategic Communication and Outreach for Nonprofit Management3 Credits

Crisis and Emergency Management

MPACrisis Collaboration3 Credits
MPACrisis Leadership3 Credits
MPACrisis and Emergency Planning3 Credits

State and Local Government Management

MPA 5870Financial Management in Government3 Credits
MPA 5900Special Topics: Civic Innovation and Citizen Engagement3 Credits
MPA 5900Special Topics: Public Sector Innovation in State and Local Government (Summer 2020)3 Credits