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Which concentration interests you most?

Explore your Master of Public Administration courses.

Ohio University’s Online Master of Public Administration focuses on finding practical solutions to real-life scenarios you may face in your career. With a curriculum that covers topics such as data analysis, public-private partnerships, and measuring outcomes, you can elevate both your business and leadership skills.

We offer four concentrations — Crisis and Emergency Management, Public Leadership and Management, Non-Profit Management, and State and Local Government Management — giving you the flexibility to specialize in the area that aligns with your career goals.

You can complete the 36-credit program 100% online in as few as two years. Explore the full curriculum and course descriptions below.

Integrative Core Courses - 27 credits

MPA 6200 Foundations of Public Administration 3 Credits
MPA 6010 Research Methods in Leadership and Public Affairs 3 Credits
MPA 5140 Organizational Leadership 3 Credits
MPA 5580 Public Sector Program Evaluation 3 Credits
MPA 5860 Public Budgeting 3 Credits
MPA 5850 Policy Analysis for Public Affairs and Leadership 3 Credits
MPA 5810 Public Private Partnerships 3 Credits
MPA 5590 Measuring Outcomes in Public and Non-Profit Organizations 3 Credits
MPA 6800 Strategic Leadership and Public Value 3 Credits

Public Leadership and Management Concentration - 9 credits

MPA 5120 Public Human Resource Management 3 Credits
MPA 5830 Data Analytics for Public and Non-Profit Managers 3 Credits
MPA 5870 Financial Management in Government 3 Credits

Non-Profit Management Concentration - 9 credits

MPA 5680 Nonprofit Financial Management and Resource Development 3 Credits
MPA 5890 Nonprofit Leadership and Governance 3 Credits
MPA 5660 Strategic Communication and Outreach for Nonprofit Management 3 Credits

Crisis and Emergency Management - 9 credits

MPA Crisis Collaboration 3 Credits
MPA Crisis Leadership 3 Credits
MPA Crisis and Emergency Planning 3 Credits

State and Local Government Management - 9 credits

MPA 5870 Financial Management in Government 3 Credits
MPA 5900 Special Topics: Civic Innovation and Citizen Engagement 3 Credits
MPA 5900 Special Topics: Public Sector Innovation in State and Local Government (Summer 2020) 3 Credits

Learn how to take policy from planning to financing to execution and evaluation. Connect the public and private sector as partners, not adversaries. Help cut through red tape with organizational excellence, the kind that can translate just as effectively in a town hall or the halls of Congress.

Unlike other Master’s in Public Administration online programs, we offer a curriculum built for real challenges faced by public administrators.

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