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If you are a professional working in the health care field, the evidence of change is all around you. Changes create a strong need for professionals who possess an advanced understanding of the business side of health care and the leadership expertise essential to making effective decisions. Health care professionals need to be able to balance the altruistic mission of health care with the business obligation to keep an organization financially viable. The Ohio University Master of Health Administration online program is designed to foster your confidence and insight to make a positive and lasting impact on the organization in which you work.

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Why Choose the Master of Health Administration Online Program?

Strike a Balance:

Add graduate school to your personal and professional responsibilities.

“While in the program, I applied everything I was learning on a daily basis at my workplace. The online format was extremely conducive to my full-time work schedule. I was able to study when and where my weekly schedule allowed.”

Brian Denton,
MHA online graduate

Ohio University’s online Master of Health Administration (MHA) program is more than just the next step on your professional journey. It’s a giant leap in your advancement as an executive leader. Delivered 100% online, this future-focused program is an ideal choice for busy professionals like you who are motivated and ready to advance as strategic leaders.

As a student in our online MHA program, you’ll be immersed in a highly engaging and collaborative learning environment — one that enables you to participate in practical learning activities and to complete coursework on your schedule, not ours. By combining academic theory with practical learning, the online MHA can enhance your decision-making skills and help you broaden your impact as a leader in virtually any health industry setting.

Ohio University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Regionally Accredited

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Reach Your Career Goals

“The key learning outcomes of the online MHA program were carefully developed to help you move to a higher level of leadership skill and knowledge to support your career goals.”

— Dr. RuthAnn Althaus,
Online MHA Program Coordinator

It is becoming more common for many administrative and executive positions to require a graduate degree. A master’s degree in Health Administration opens doors to increased opportunities in this growing industry.

Health care administrators with an MHA earn more annually than those without. MHA holders in executive leadership positions can exceed six figure salaries.

*According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Health Services Management 22% Projected Growth By 2020"

What do Our Students and Graduates Say about Our MHA?

“I chose Ohio University because of the reputation. I was a little leery of some of the places that I looked at because of a lot of the news reports about the for-profits and the quality of the education.”

– Deborah Albaugh, MHA
2012 graduate

“While doing my research on Ohio University, I found that this program also includes epidemiology. Several colleges I researched did not include this very important area of study.”

– Michael Carden, MHA
2012 graduate

“The MHA program at Ohio University has provided me with true health administration knowledge. Their facilitators are knowledgeable, experienced individuals who work in the industry, and I have enjoyed my learning experience.”

– Jamar Calloway
MHA 2014 graduate

“The coursework is so interesting that it keeps you involved on those days when you may not feel like going home from work and working on coursework. Your other classmates are there to bolster your spirits. You’re never far from them, even though it’s an online program. It’s nice to have the support of the professors and the facilitators, as well as of your classmates.”

– B.J. Ferrebee, MHA
2012 graduate

"The MHA program has helped me not only gain knowledge for my future, but grow in my current position as well. The online format works well around a family and a full-time job. I've enjoyed the assignments and readings, as well as getting to know other students from around the country. The faculty, course facilitators, and administrators have all been so kind and helpful throughout the admission process and through coursework." – Liz McKinney MHA 2015 graduate

“Earning my MHA from Ohio University is helping advance my career by providing validation of current knowledge and practices, while exposing me to a wealth of additional information and resources. The program is expanding the width & depth of my knowledge and providing tools for practical application of that knowledge.”

– Bryan Bailey,
Current Student

“I love health care, and I knew that is where I wanted to advance my professional career. I looked into an MBA, but felt more connected with an MHA. I felt the MHA was more directed towards the health care industry, leadership, and skills needed to be a well-rounded health care administrator.”

– John Ottena,
MHA 2016 graduate

“I currently have my PharmD and work as a pharmacy director. I am pursuing the MHA degree to better understand health administration and to prepare me for other opportunities within healthcare.”

– Monique McCollough,
Current Student

“The online MHA program has served me well as a physician and executive leader. The experiences are real world and the instructors are very supportive in working through the coursework and study. I believe this program will foster my career as a hospital leader now--and into the future.”

– Dr. Frank C. Biodolillo,
Current Student

“A year into the MHA I was hired as Director of Physician Assistant Services for a hospital and medical center in New England. This is a new position for the organization, and relatively newer position for the PA profession. The online MHA's coursework continues to aid me transitioning into this position and helps me better utilize data to make more informed decisions.”

– Kevin Hickman,
MHA 2016 graduate

"The online MHA program allowed me the opportunity to both advance my education, and therefore, my career, without having to sacrifice time with my family. I'm now able to converse with my C-suite leaders. I not only contribute to the conversation, but lead in knowledge and give ideas and recommendations."

- Sam Seybold DPT, CCI, MHA; MHA 2015 graduate

"I enjoyed working with other health care workers throughout the US. I was able to expand my knowledge of what it takes to be a great leader in health care."

- Nick Ownbey, MHA 2012 graduate

"The MHA program at OU perfectly positioned me to enter the health care executive world and excel. Ever since obtaining my MHA, I have quickly elevated my position to greater levels of responsibility and am currently positioned to enter the best executive development program in the industry. By far the best career move I've ever made."

- Adam Fletcher, MHA 2012 graduate

"I thoroughly enjoyed the MHA program at Ohio University. The professors were all very knowledgeable and provided a wonderful learning environment. The students were also engaged which made group interaction pleasurable."

- Jordanne Kilbourne, MHA 2014 graduate

"The Ohio MHA program has helped solidify my knowledge in the health care arena and opened doors for career advancement. The MHA credentials bring credibility to the table as a subject matter expert in health care, giving you the confidence and knowledge to be successful in your career."

- Steven Ramirez, MHA 2015 graduate

"I enjoyed the online availability to complete my degree. It showed my family that pursuing higher education is possible with young children and a full time job. I was able to change my career from a staff tech to a college instructor."

- Maryglo Stroik, MHA 2012 graduate

"Being a part of the OU MHA program has helped me progress in the field of health administration. It has financially impacted my family in a positive way. The program was flexible enough to allow me to maintain a full time job, be a full time mom, and still be successful as a student."

- Amy Harding, MHA 2012 graduate

"The MHA program expanded my knowledge and understanding of the many functions and processes that are needed to sustain a health care system. The complexities and obstacles that are current in the news and health care industry were aligned with the teachings, discussions, and courses. These helped me better research, communicate, develop ideas, and best of all helped me prepare for my current position as a health care leader."

- Jose L. Gurrola, MHA 2015 graduate

"The online MHA program allowed me the opportunity to both advance my education, and therefore, my career, without having to sacrifice time with my family. I'm now able to converse with my C-suite leaders. I not only contribute to the conversation, but lead in knowledge and give ideas and recommendations."

- Sam Seybold DPT, CCI, MHA; MHA 2015 graduate

"The practical application of knowledge and experiences I had were integrated well into the program design. The methods and tactics utilized daily and weekly were especially congruent with both my learning style and time allocation availability"

- Mark J. Cumpston, MHA, Administrator, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Washington School of Medicine, MHA 2012 graduate

You can build on your own valuable education and experience and learn with fellow students who are from various professions, job settings, career stages, and sites across the United States.

The dedicated professionals who have chosen Ohio University’s MHA program come from all over the U.S. and from every sector of the health care system. Like you, they want to enhance their careers and to increase their impact in the organizations and communities in which they serve.

As you consider your academic options, one of the best ways to anticipate your student experience is to learn a bit more about what alumni and current students have to say about the program. View what some of our current students and graduates have to say about their experience in the Ohio University MHA online program.

Relevant Education. Real-World Application

Our online MHA program boasts an impressive, highly relevant curriculum that capitalizes on the rich backgrounds of our talented students and faculty members in a flexible online format. Our students report that they use what they learn immediately as well as advance in their profession. The program’s future-focused coursework explores all disciplines essential to understanding the business of health care. Throughout the program you will take 12, 3-credit courses that are each 7 weeks long. One important feature of the program is that you can take one course at a time and still graduate in as few as 2 years.

HLTH 6010 Introduction to the U.S. Health Care Delivery System
HLTH 6020 Information Systems for Health Services
HLTH 6030 Leadership of Health Organizations
HLTH 6040 Research and Quantitative Methods for Health Services
HLTH 6080 Health Policy
HLTH 6100 Evaluation and Quality Improvement in Health Care
HLTH 6210 Health Care Finance
HLTH 6280 Health Law
HLTH 6300 Epidemiology in Health Administration
HLTH 6350 Human Resource Management in Health Care
HLTH 6380 Strategic Planning and Marketing in Health Services
HLTH 6480 Ethical Issues in Health Care

We’re in the Business of Shaping Leaders

Highly knowledgeable and seasoned MHA faculty members leverage their incredible knowledge base to guide students in their individual career aspirations. Our dedicated faculty members bring years of industry experience and research into your online classrooms. They also bring an unwavering commitment to your success. With their guidance, the goals you aspire to achieve will soon become celebrated accomplishments.