What is the online Master of Engineering Management?

The online Master of Engineering Management (MEM) from Ohio University is an advanced degree for engineers who want to move into leadership of technical teams, departments, and organizations. As an MEM student, you can gain an advanced understanding of the specific engineering and management skills needed to excel in your current position, create new opportunities, and grow as a respected, competent engineering leader.

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Benefit from an engineering-centric approach to management and technical leadership.

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Enhance your skills with a curriculum that equips students to lead in an engineering setting.

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Earn a degree from one of the nation’s leading research institutions.

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Complete the Master of Engineering Management program through 100 percent online coursework in fewer than five semesters.

Why choose the Ohio University online MEM?

An advanced degree program for engineers who want to become leaders without losing their foundation in engineering, the online Master of Engineering Management from Ohio University focuses on leadership and management skills and their direct relationship to engineering process improvement, project management, effective communication, and innovative solutions.


Creating for good means making the world a better place.

Creating an environment in which people can succeed in what they were meant to do.

Designing technology to enhance the human condition.

That could mean, improving a neo-natal unit in a hospital. It could mean improving an assembly line at a car manufacturer, and so making that company more efficient.

It enables people to be safer and healthier and more productive in their personal lives and in their careers.

The things that we design and the things that we fix and we work on are really what give us our standard of living, right? Make our lives better.

We’re talking about improving the human condition and that’s one part of the good. And then the other part is that it really has to have had wide-spread impact.

We begin to understand how many of the things we do are outside of Ohio University.

When you think about engineering as creating for good, it really just highlights not just what we’re doing, but the impact it has on society.

No GRE or GMAT Required

No GRE or GMAT required

Princeton Review

Named a “2017 Best College” by The Princeton Review

Best Online Programs U.S. News Grad Engineering

Ranked among the nation’s “Best Online Programs” for “Grad Engineering” in 2017 by U.S. News & World Report

Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

Ohio University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)



Delivered through a completely online learning environment, our curriculum combines graduate-level leadership and management courses with high-level engineering practices. The curriculum’s dual focus is ideal for immediate application in the workplace, or for career advancement opportunities down the line. Our MEM graduates rely on their understanding of protocols and project standards, superior communication skills and leadership abilities to manage cross-functional teams effectively to find solutions. We cover concepts beneficial in any leadership role, whether you’re a chemical, electrical, civil, or mechanical engineer, or have a strong background in physical science and desire to excel in the design, implementation, and management of technology.

Foundation Courses

EMGT 6000Foundations of Engineering Management4 Credits
EMGT 6010Engineering Writing3 Credits
EMGT 6100Statistics for Engineering Management4 Credits
EMGT 6200Information Systems Engineering3 Credits


EMGT 6300Project Management4 Credits
EMGT 6600:Applied Accounting and Finance for Engineering Management3 Credits
EMGT 6110Principles of Six Sigma3 Credits


EMGT 6120Quality Systems3 Credits
EMGT 6210:Database Information Systems3 Credits
EMGT 6400Engineering Law3 Credits
EMGT 6620Data Acquisition and Predictive Analytics3 Credits
EMGT 6500Lean Thinking Methods3 Credits
EMGT 6700Engineering Leadership3 Credits


EMGT 6949Engineering Management Project3 Credits


Industry Outlook and Career Opportunities

Engineering managers are employed in a number of different industries, from manufacturing and architecture to mining, scientific research, and government. Though the engineering services industry is projected to grow by 21% by 2022*, you can expect strong competition for openings. Education and experience are crucial distinguishing factors.

In a management role, you may be expected to lead research and development teams to discover new processes, ensure sound methodology, check the technical accuracy of your team’s work, and manage a project’s budget and timeline effectively.

Average wages for engineering managers vary depending on the industry, your experience, and your education, among other factors. The national average annual salary for engineering managers is $122,810*.

*According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Engineering Services Industry 21% Projected Growth By 2022*
Engineering Manager $122.810 National Average Annual Salary*

Our Graduate Stories

As a graduate of the Master in Engineering Management program, you can enter the marketplace with the tangible credentials and intangible leadership qualities to help push your career forward. Based on a 2013-2014 survey, our MEM grads are already seeing demonstrable benefits in the industry.

88 Percent

Staying competitive is paramount, and 88% of graduates agreed the MEM helped them become more competitive in the job market.

63 Percent

With increased competition comes increased opportunities, and 63% of grads said their MEM helped them move into a management or supervisory position.

66 Percent

66% of MEM grads reported a salary increase of 40% or more.

“I knew I wanted a master’s degree, but wanted to be smart about it. I originally thought about an MBA, but everyone in my office was pursuing that option. I needed something different that would stand out. The material in the engineering management program supplements my daily work tasks and allows me to utilize my job experiences in my coursework and vice versa.”

– Nicole LePage, ’14 graduate

“What I liked about the OHIO MEM program was that it was well-rounded, very balanced, and all core. Looking at all other programs in the country, they offered too many electives, which could result in a very incoherent engineering management program.”

– Ed Sanderson, ’14 graduate

“The content I’ve seen in the five courses I’ve taken so far is very relevant. It reinforces things I already knew by tying it all together and putting it in one cohesive package. It is a bit of a ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

– David Knop, ’16 graduate candidate