Student Success Stories

“I’ve been presented teaching and coaching opportunities at the collegiate level directly because I completed the MCE program. These doors would not be opening for me had I not received my Master of Coaching Education from Ohio University.”

— Richard McArthur
2013 Graduate

“I was looking for a master’s program that would allow me to still coach and not lose that step since I’m already a head coach. I also wanted to get a master’s in something that I enjoy doing, and that is coaching.”

— Janelle Higgins
2012 Graduate

“I chose this program over other master’s programs because of the ease of online classes and how it fits into what I am doing now. I don’t have to pick up and move somewhere else. I can keep coaching while moving up my education to the next level.”

— Matt Karlgaard
2012 Graduate


Mario Gangemi: I am the head men’s lacrosse coach at Oakland High School in Oakland Maryland.

Leander Peters: I am the wide receivers of defensive backs coach at Kenwood high school Clarksville Tennessee.

Mario Caetan: I’m the associate head men’s basketball coach in northern New Mexico College. I knew I needed to get a master’s to pursue my dreams of being a head coach.

The ethics course was eye-opening it really let me see sports in a completely different light as far as the morality as far as the good and the bad. The fund raising class actually helped me develop the program that I’m going back to my school doing. The most beneficial class thoughts so far has been the global coaching seminar I’ve been asked by my athletic director to help him change the overall culture of athletics at our school I’m looking for some ideas out of some folks in this sessions.

Robin Bowkett: You meet people from all over the country and in some cases outside the country everybody’s learning from one another.

“The master’s degree program at Ohio University has opened my eyes tremendously regarding a new approach to coaching athletics. The courses that are offered for the program are detailed, well-organized, and thoroughly planned out for whatever sport you coach. This is a well-rounded program for those who want to improve their coaching abilities.”

— Ellison Huggins
2014 Graduate


Mario Gangemi: The MCE online program I think is a great way to interact with people throughout the entire country.

Robin Bowkett: You can constantly and you can continuously learn from other coaches. It’s geared for professionals it’s geared for people who are have full-time jobs and have families.

Leander Peters: It helps me get better for my students for my players.

As of now I think the biggest thing is telling with is a lot of networking. Those are the people that if I make contacts with now may be able to help me in my future.

“I am so happy about the love and passion for sports that this program ignited in me. I’ve always loved sports, but this program gave me a level of passion for coaching that I’ve never had before. In fact, when I was almost finished with the program, I was excited about getting my master’s degree, but at the same time I didn’t want it to end!”

— Jim Whittaker
2013 Graduate

“The thing I liked most about the program was that it was an online program that included on-campus seminars. It was very important to me to have a connection to the university and to my classmates, even though most of the work was online. I was really glad to get to meet the program director, some of the professors, and my program cohorts during the seminars. I made coaching connections with people who coach completely different sports and who I would not have met otherwise. Having conversations with them during our coursework, and even now after we’ve all completed the program, is extremely valuable to me. I have a whole new network of coaching colleagues with whom I can communicate.”

— Channing Kimball
2013 Graduate