Online Master of Coaching Education Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

  • COED 6170 Ethics and Diversity for Athletic Coaches – 3 credits
    First class in curriculum. This course is designed to teach the theoretical foundations of ethical decision making with a special focus on the issues of moral behavior and diversity in an ever-changing and contemporary sports world. The development of a personal philosophy to include ethics and diversity is a cornerstone of the class.
  • COED 6100 Coaching Workshop I – 3 credits
    Second class in curriculum. This course is designed to introduce you to Ohio University, your fellow classmates and the primary functions, key responsibilities and roles that sport coaches fulfill. This course will explore the role of national standards for sport coaches in the development of successful coaches. COED 6100 is intended to be introductory; a base will be developed on which all of the remaining courses in the program will build.
  • COED 6110 Foundations of Coaching I – 3 credits
    The course is designed to provide the principles and methods necessary to become an effective sport coach at the youth, interscholastic, intercollegiate, Olympic and professional levels. Focus will include defining what sport coaches do, the qualities of expert coaches, strategies for effective and cohesive programs, developing a sound coaching philosophy, and gaining an understanding of the art and science of coaching.
  • COED 6120 Management and Leadership in Sport – 3 credits
    This course reviews contemporary theories related to management and leadership, and discusses their applications to sports coaching. Specifically, this course discusses various skills, roles, and functions of sport coaches as well as the elements of leadership theory and practices as they relate to various managerial responsibilities of coaches.
  • COED 6130 Finance for Athletic Coaches – 3 credits
    This course is designed for coaches of all levels to assist them in all aspects of the financial management of their program. Developing and managing a budget, dealing with financial issues such as insurance, travel, equipment and facilities are all critical aspects of a coach’s world. Finally, the ability to raise additional funds to further support the efforts of the participants is a must in this day and age. Students will learn to assess critical financial issues, develop strategies and solutions, and finally, solve problems.
  • COED 6140 Psychology of Coaching – 3 credits
    The course focuses on the analysis of psychological factors and principles designed to assist coaches in their ability to describe, explain, and predict behaviors of sports participants. During the Psychology of Coaching course, students will implement and give explanation for several different coaching strategies (including effective reinforcement, communication, and feedback) that they will use as coaches, to teach, motivate and develop committed, inspired athletes.
  • COED 6150 Injury Prevention and Risk Management – 3 credits
    This course provides an overview of injury prevention and risk management issues and their associated legal risks for coaches in sports organizations. Participants will discuss the role of the coach and athletics administrators in injury prevention and risk management as well as review relevant articles, best practices, case law and judgments, drawing implications relative to their current athletics environment. Participants also will learn to develop risk management plans following the D.I.M. (develop, implement, manage) process.
  • COED 6160 Performance and Conditioning for Athletic Coaches – 3 credits
    This course presents principles and applications of exercise physiology for sports coaches. The goal of this course is for students to learn how to design athletic training programs based on the physiological demands of sport. This will allow you to be able to evaluate the anatomical, physiological and bio-mechanical demands of sport.
  • COED 6200 Research and Analysis Methods for Athletic Coaches – 4 credits
    This course is designed to help the coach understand the relationship between research & the practice of coaching. It will help you become better at finding, reading, and interpreting information, as well as gaining insight into problem solving & critical thinking through research.
  • COED 6400 Coaching Performance Evaluation – 2 credits
    Students will demonstrate effective sport coaching through the submission of evidence-based and video documentation.
  • COED 6340 Performance Recovery: Strategies for Coaches – 3 credits
    During this course students will learn methods for analyzing performance in individual and team sport. This course explores why recovery, regeneration, invisible training, or the hidden workout is not a one-time event, but a process athletes must go through to “achieve peak performance”.
  • COED 5901 Coaching Symposium – 3 credits
    The Coaching Symposium is a four day on-campus session during your summer term with some of the nation’s top coaches and coaching educators. This course is designed to present cutting edge information relative to coaching athletes from experts in the field as you network with colleagues at Ohio University. Students will participate in conference events during the four day period.