Master of Athletic Administration Student Success Stories

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. How many years of athletic administration experience do you have?
How many years of athletic administration experience do you have?

Considering pursuing an MAA from Ohio University? Below you’ll find student success stories, learn why they chose the program, and what their experience was like.

“I chose Ohio University’s online Master’s of Athletic Administration because I wanted a program that was challenging, rewarding, and well respected throughout the country. This program helped me get the knowledge and experience I needed to advance my career.”

– George Pierson
2015 Graduate

“Everything that I’ve learned in this program I could implement right away into what I’m doing at my own school. … I learned so many new things that I had never even thought about.”

– Austin Benton
2013 Graduate

“I am an athletic trainer, and I wanted to stay in athletics but move to the administrative level. Becoming an athletic director is my No. 1 goal. I looked at the courses that Ohio University offered, and every course looked interesting and is something that I would directly use. Even now I could apply it, and later on when I move on to athletic administrator or athletic director it will be perfect.”

– Debby Casey
2012 Graduate

“The coursework in the MAA online program helped me professionally in many ways. The program taught relevant material that I was able to use in my current position as an athletic director. It definitely challenged me and helped me grow professionally. Also, the faculty teaching the coursework are seasoned professionals in the business of athletics, so I was able to get real-world help right away.”

– Jeff Walrich
2012 Graduate