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. How many years of athletic administration experience do you have?
How many years of athletic administration experience do you have?

Are you interested in learning more about careers in the athletic administration field and how Ohio University’s MAA program can help you achieve your professional goals? Our resources page contains links to informative articles that can keep you abreast of the latest news, trends, and potential career opportunities.

Female basketball coach talking with her team

How Interscholastic Sports Benefit and Impact Youths

Any physical activity is good, but teaming up improves young people’s mental and physical health, setting them on a path for greater success.

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A smiling coach talks to his high school basketball squad on the court.

Student-Athlete Code of Conduct: Guide for Coaches, Parents and Students

Behavior and sportsmanship are also critical, as student-athletes serve as ambassadors for their team, school, and community.

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A student victim of hazing sits in a hallway with his head in his hands.

Hazing in Sports Programs: Signs, Resources, and Tips for Locker Room Management

According to a Global Sport Matters report, 74% of college student-athletes have experienced hazing in one form or another.

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A high school basketball team and coach huddle before the game.

Building a Team Culture: Tips & Insight for High School Athletic Coaches

Explore how impactful it can be when coaches work to develop a team culture among their athletes.

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A good sponsorship agreement is a win-win for a school’s athletic program and the sponsor alike.

Tips for Getting Corporate Sponsorships for Your High School Sports Program

In sponsorship programs, local or national businesses give money to your program in return for specified benefits.

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Soccer coach with boys team

10 Fundraising Ideas for High School Sports

By taking a multichannel approach to fundraising, a high school can increase community involvement before, during, and after each event.

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