Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

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Exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Physical fitness is important because it keeps your body healthy, and it can also help your mental health. There are many benefits to being physically fit, from doing better in sports to doing better in school: Being active can improve a lot of things in your life.

One way that being physically active is good for you is that it helps you to be strong. When your muscles, including your heart, are strong, you are able to do better in sports. Making your body strong also helps to make your immune system strong. Your immune system helps protect you from getting sick.

Another benefit of physical fitness is happiness. When you exercise, your body releases a type of chemical called endorphins, and endorphins work in your brain to make you feel happy. Another way that fitness can make you happy is that it can let you have fun with friends. If you join a sports team or start up a game of tag at recess, others might join in, too, and you might even make new friends.

It’s also important to stay fit because when you are healthy, you are able to concentrate better in school. Being able to concentrate means that you can learn more and get better grades.

Get Movin’: 15 Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

This article has plenty of activities to get you moving and having a good time.

Indoor Physical Activities for Kids

Sometimes, the weather isn’t good for going outside to play, but sitting around inside too much is not good for your health. These activities are great for keeping you moving when you’re stuck inside.

DIY FitBall: A Fun Fitness Activity

This activity is great to get kids of all ages up and moving. It’s a fun group activity that can be done either outside or inside if there’s enough space.

Youth Fitness: Games for Kids

These videos show some fun exercises that anyone can do to boost their health, either alone or with a group of friends.

Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

The activities in this article are broken up by grade level. You need a group to do them, so grab some friends and try them together!

Sandwich Race

You’re going to need a partner and another team for this race challenge. Teams link up and race to the finish while trying not to drop the ball.

Fitness Circuit Course

Circuit courses are a great way to boost your fitness. They are filled with fun obstacles to challenge your skills and get your heart pumping.

Fitness Activity Ideas

These simple activities are great to get you moving without needing a lot of time to set up. They’re great for getting you moving and laughing with friends!

4-H Recreation Games and Activities

This activity packet has tons of fun games to get you up and moving.

Kickball Variations

Kickball is a great way to get exercise, and these variations are fun ways to switch up the regular kickball routine!

Just for Fun: Physical Brain Breaks

These fun games are great for the first day of school. They help you to get moving and to learn people’s names.

Middle School Activity Breaks

These activities are great for older kids and can help you focus once you sit back down at your desk.

Language Arts Middle School Energizers

This lesson plan combines workouts for your body and your brain.

Five Fun Gym Games to Get Kids Moving

These ideas are fun twists on classic games and are great for groups!

Jump Rope Battleship

This activity combines physical fitness with a classic board game. The game is easier to play when you can do different styles of jump rope, so it works best for older kids.

In a Heartbeat Activity

This lesson can help you learn about how your heart works while getting up and running around.

Steppin’ Across the States Activity

This challenge is great for older kids. Track how much you walk during the week for a whole school year, then figure out the total distance to see how far across the country you could’ve walked with that many steps.

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