Master of Public Health Degree Course Descriptions

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Course Descriptions

The course information on this page provides a brief overview of general concepts covered in the MPH program. This information is meant to help you understand the type of information you will learn as an MPH student and the diverse ways that public health intersects with local, national, and global issues. An official description of each course along with course-level learning outcomes can be found in the Ohio University Graduate Catalogue:

HLTH 6001 Program Planning and Implementation in Public Health 3 Credits
HLTH 6002 Program Evaluation in Rural Public Health 3 Credits
HLTH 6140 Health Disparities 3 Credits
HLTH 6710 Public Health Concepts 3 Credits
HLTH 6720 Social and Behavioral Sciences 3 Credits
HLTH 6730 Epidemiology in Public Health* 3 Credits
HLTH 6740 Biostatistics in Public Health* 3 Credits
HLTH 6760 Environmental Health 3 Credits
HLTH 6770 Grant Writing in Public Health Practice 3 Credits
HLTH 6791 Chronic Disease Epidemiology 3 Credits
HLTH 6900 Special Topics: Communication & Leadership in Public Health 3 Credits
HLTH 6920 Practicum/Field Experience 3 Credits
HLTH 6911 MPH Integrative Learning Experience ILE 3 Credits

*Required for the epidemiology certificate