Vic Matta, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Vic Matta, Ph.D.

Dr. Vic Matta earned his Masters from Ohio University, focusing on neural networking, an analytics technique that essentially boils down to using technology to figure out things based on a large amount of data, much the way a human brain would. He has a passion for analysis, human reasoning, and teaching. Matta’s favorite focus is how the human brain interacts with technology through behavioral research and adoption practices.

In 2007, Matta joined the College of Business as an assistant professor of MIS while he worked on his Ph.D. from OHIO’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology. For Matta, MIS is like a perfect blend of his two strengths — understanding technology and understanding how people interact with that technology. “It’s come a long way. I’ve seen it all evolve,” he said. “It’s about bringing things to people where they want to use them”

Dr. Matta started his own consulting business during nights and weekends, offering companies continued employee education and training on new systems. Before transitioning into academia full time, he taught and trained more than 1,000 professionals. His number of students will reach far beyond that before he retires, and he has found he likes it best when the two worlds meet.

OHIO’s WPA Greek Chapters recognized Dr. Matta as an Outstanding Educator in 2007, and he was awarded the College of Business Senior Class Faculty Recognition Award in 2010. From his peers, he received the College of Business Excellence in Teaching award in 2009 and was a finalist for OHIO’s Presidential Teaching Award in 2013.