Dr. Joseph Weingarten


Photo of Dr. Joseph Weingarten

Dr. Weingarten has spent his entire career in health care. As a teenager he worked as a hospital orderly (patient care attendant) in both acute care and long-term care facilities. He enlisted in the Navy where he worked as a hospital corpsman, receiving field combat training and working in a variety of acute care hospital settings, including general surgery, surgical intensive care, and labor and delivery. Dr. Weingarten left the military after four years to pursue his education.

Working the night shift at a psychiatric facility, Dr. Weingarten studied economics during the day and ultimately received his Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Memphis. He went to work for a large, urban acute care hospital where he was responsible for running simulations on the impact of Medicare’s transition from fee for service to prospective payment reimbursement. During his nine years at the hospital, Dr. Weingarten earned his PhD in business with a major in economics and a specialty area in health care.

After leaving the hospital, Dr. Weingarten spent 15 years as a senior analyst with a Medicare subcontractor working to improve the quality of care to Medicare beneficiaries. In this capacity he worked on many external quality review audits and served for two years as a certified HEDIS compliance auditor for the NCQA, traveling around the country auditing managed care and physician organizations.