Dr. Mehmet, Ph.D. Celenk


Photo of Dr. Mehmet, Ph.D. Celenk

Dr. Mehmet Celenk is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. Prior to joining Ohio University, he served on the Turkish Army in 1984-85 as a lieutenant. Dr. Celenk has published 300 articles, received a $600,000 hypercube processor grant, participated in a $450,000 Tubitak Autonomous Vehicle Design and Development grant, and secured $120,000 in funds for visiting scholars’ R&D projects. Dr. Celenk is a member of IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, and former member of SPIE, IS&T, ACM, ASEE, OE. He was awarded Certificate of Appreciation by SPIE’s Electronic Imaging J. and Optical Engineering for his review services in 2012-13.