Gretchen Schaupp, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Gretchen Schaupp

Dr. Gretchen Schaupp started teaching for Ohio University in the Fall of 2012. She completed her doctoral studies just before that in the Department of Management at Virginia Tech University. Her focus of research and teaching is in the area of Organizational Behavior and her current research interests include the psychological contract, leadership styles, international and expatriate management as well as employee socialization.
Before completing her doctoral studies, Gretchen lived and worked in Germany for eight years. She wrote her master’s thesis at the Siemens Corporation in Erlangen, Germany while working in their corporate logistics department. After that, she was employed at the Volkswagen Corporation in Wolfsburg, Germany for several years. There, she started in the areas of logistics and production and moved on to the areas of international marketing and sales. Her international work experience and prior education led her to pursue her Ph.D and enter academia. Gretchen has international teaching experience, and recently completed the e-version of her book, More than Manners, which she wrote with a German colleague to help expatriates navigate cultural differences while working in Germany. Gretchen lives in Wolfsburg, Germany with her husband, Christian.

Dr. Schaupp earned her Ph.D. from Virginia Tech University’s Department of Management an M.B.A. from Sheffield Hallam University in Great Britain an M.A. from the University of Applied Sciences in European Management in Fulda, Germany and a B.A. in Foreign Language from West Virginia University.