Dr.Dale Masel, Ph.D.

Dale Masel

Dr. Dale Masel has been a member of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering since 1998. He has served the department in a variety of roles, including undergraduate chair (2002-present), accreditation coordinator (2000-2005), and advisor for the student chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. He has also served the Russ College as advisor of the Engineering Ambassadors (2004-present) and an instructor for the engineering learning communities (2005-present). Since 2000, Dr. Masel has been co-principal investigator for a research project sponsored by General Electric to develop improved methods for estimating manufacturing costs. Areas of application for these methods include jet engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, and wind turbines.

Masel has also been a member of the College Industry Council on Material Handling Education since 2004 and has served since 2010 as the co-coordinator of the organization’s Material Handling and Logistics Classroom Day.