Dr. Alexander Murray

Photo of Dr. Alexander  Murray

Alexander Murray is the Director of Online Academic Programs and a Sr. Lecturer at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. Murray works in collaboration with other faculty and staff to develop the exclusively Online Master of Public Administration program.

Murray received his Ph.D. in instructional technology from Ohio University in 2016 and a master of science in 2008. As a graduate teaching assistant at Ohio University, Murray taught technology applications and instructional design courses, as well as reviewed online content on behalf of the University. Murray earned a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University in 2004.

During his graduate studies, Murray also worked in Columbus. His previous positions include program chair of the School of Drafting and Design at ITT Technical Institute; instructional designer at Franklin University, where he developed online course content; and, most recently, as instructional designer and developer with Huntington National Bank, where he devised online training and instructional programs for Huntington employees.