Computer Requirements

Getting Up and Running To get started in our online program, you’ll need a computer system and webcam with current specifications. Ohio University’s online degree programs use a learning management system called Blackboard. Please check below for more technology requirements.

1. Must have Microsoft Office 2010 (Must have Excel 2010 or higher for the PC).
2. Must have high-speed connection. Mozilla Firefox is the required browser; Internet Explorer should not be used as a web browser.
3. Must have a webcam, headset, and a USB microphone.

Note: If you are a MAC user, due to compatibility issues, you will need to purchase additional software so you can run the PC version of Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher. One of the easiest ways to run Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher for the PC on your Mac is to purchase and install VMware Fusion 4 (~$36) for the Mac OS/X. VMware Fusion 4 will allow you to run a dual boot setup on your Mac computer. Thus, you will be able to choose to boot into your Mac OS/X or Windows OS. Thus, once you have installed VMware Fusion 4, you will be able to install Windows 7 ($70) and then install Office 2010 for the PC (~$70).

If you would like to browse or purchase software at a reduced cost for students, go to: or call: (740) 593-1222.

Recommended System Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP SP 2 (Home or Pro) or Windows Vista Processor: 2 GHz or higher RAM: 768 MB or more

Recommended System Requirements: Operating System: OS X (10.4) or OS X (10.5) Processor: G4 1.25 GHz or higher RAM: 768 MB or more

Hardware and Software Downloads Ohio University provides free virus protection software for student computers and also Windows and Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office to students at a very reasonable price. Other software requirements include Microsoft Office 2007 including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the Minitab Statistics Package -16th version, and Remote Proctor Now, which is used twice per term for midterms and finals. Please visit for more information about this software. If you have further questions please contact the Tech Depot at 740-597-DEPO (3376) or Hardware and Software Downloads Ohio University provides free virus protection software for students, here. Note: Please ensure any other antivirus software has been uninstalled from your computer before installing it.

Browser Configuration and Connection Speed Once you have ensured that your computer has the proper operating system and hardware to run Blackboard, you should verify that your Internet connection is fast enough to support Blackboard and your browser is compatible. You can check your browser compatibility. You can check your Internet connection download and upload speeds using the connection speed test here.  If your Internet connection is at least 0.2 Mbps, you will still be able to use Blackboard.  However, be prepared for slower page loads, choppy audio and video, and longer file uploads.

Blackboard, OHIO ID, Proctoring, and Email Support If you are experiencing any issues with Blackboard, your OHIO ID, Remote Proctor Now, or your Ohio University email address, please visit the following support links for help:

Blackboard support:Help Desk for Information Technology and Blackboard Support: 1-740-593-1222 Tips and “How To” guides related to Blackboard 9

OHIO ID support:OHIO Information Technology (OIT) website OIT phone: 740-593-1222 Please visit Help for hours of operation. OIT email: