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. Which undergraduate degree have you earned?
Which undergraduate degree have you earned?

Whether you’re thinking about earning a Master of Engineering Management, you’re a current student, or a graduate, it’s always beneficial to stay current on industry news. This page serves as a resource of articles on relevant developments and topics in the field of engineering and our MEM program.

An engineer working at their desk asks their technical mentor for some help.

5 Tips to Be an Effective Technical Mentor

In engineering, having a technical mentor who can share technical expertise is critical to career success and advancement. Explore five tips that can help strengthen technical mentorship and improve the chances of mentees’ career success.

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An employee at her desk stretches her back and rubs her shoulder.

How Engineers Can Optimize Computer Ergonomics for Productivity

Learn the importance of computer ergonomics and how engineers can help.

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A smiling engineer shows an apprentice how to operate machinery.

Healthy Engineer Lifestyle Tips for Work-Life Balance

Due to the demanding and deadline-driven of most engineering work environments, it’s not unusual for engineers to feel as though their professional and home life are out of balance.

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A diverse team of engineers working on plans at a conference table.

Engineering Communication Guide: Skills, Tips, and Tools

Engineering communication skills are essential for presenting concepts and designs, and critical to the engineering design process.

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Two engineers discuss a project

Ultimate Guide to Lean Thinking: Strategies, Tips and Resources for Optimizing Processes

These principles serve as a type of road map for maximizing value while minimizing waste.

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Interactive Chart

Four critical tools in a Quality Management System

Four Quality Management Systems developed to provide project managers and decision-makers with this quantitative information.

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