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The work of electrical engineers impacts nearly every part of our lives. It’s what makes it possible for us to drive a car, steer a boat or fly a plane. It enables us to operate computers, use cell phones, harness energy, develop new medical treatments, and so much more.

By earning an online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University, you can prepare for a rewarding career at the forefront of technological innovation. Our program is designed to help you develop the skills to work in a diverse range of industries, including aviation, computing, communications, transportation, energy, medicine, manufacturing, and national defense.

We also offer the following six concentrations, so you can further specialize your professional expertise:

  • Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles
  • Communications and Digital Signal Processing
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Navigation Systems
  • Micro Nano Devices and Systems
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What is the Job Outlook for Electrical Engineers?

The rapid pace of technical innovation is expected to create demand for electrical engineers over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS estimates employment of electrical and electronics engineers will increase 7% between 2020 and 2030, with approximately 22,700 job openings each year.

The BLS further states that the biggest areas for job growth will likely be in professional, scientific, and technical services firms, working on projects involving electronic devices and systems, as well as consumer electronics.

We can also expect increased demand in research and development, where skilled professionals will be needed to help with innovations involving solar arrays, semiconductors, and communications technologies.

Where Do Electrical Engineers Work?

Electrical engineers can work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Engineering services firms
  • Industrial and production plants
  • Laboratories and research firms
  • Power stations
  • Navigational and control instrument manufacturing firms
  • Semiconductor manufacturing firms

Career Options for Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Graduates

Your online master’s in electrical engineering from OHIO can position your career growth and lead to new opportunities in the electrical engineering field. Here are examples of job titles you can hold, along with median salaries.

Aerospace Engineer

Median salary: $118,610*

Aerospace engineers design aviation products including aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missiles. They typically coordinate the manufacture and testing of these products, ensure they meet quality standards, address performance issues, and find ways to improve existing products.

Automotive Engineer

Median salary: $79,817**

Automotive engineers play a key role in researching, designing, and manufacturing new vehicles. Professionals in this job are typically responsible for making modifications or improvements to existing products, developing testing procedures, preparing cost estimates and design specifications, and investigating product malfunctions.

Electrical Engineer

Median salary: $103,390*

Electrical engineers design and oversee the manufacturing of electrical equipment including motors, navigation systems, power generation equipment, and the electrical systems of cars and airplanes. Responsibilities may include finding ways to improve products, ensuring products meet specifications and codes, and working with project managers to create production timelines and budgets.

Embedded Systems Engineer

Median salary: $79,619**

Embedded systems engineers develop and oversee the construction of embedded systems, which are essentially small, self-contained ecosystems in which individual software components act as one and are designed to fulfill a specific function. Their role may involve creating blueprints, collaborating with other engineers, and testing the system to ensure it works optimally.

Marine Engineer

Median salary: $95,440*

Marine engineers design, build and maintain ships, including sailboats, cruise ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. Responsibilities may include creating blueprints, designing engines and propulsion systems, testing prototypes, and supervising construction. Their role can also involve inspecting equipment, overseeing repairs, preparing technical reports, and managing contractors.

Semiconductor Engineer

Median salary: $86,296**

Semiconductor engineers are electronics engineers who specialize in the design, testing, and production of semiconductors — an essential component of electronic equipment that conducts heat between an insulator and a conductor. The job typically requires working in a sterile environment while wearing protective gear to avoid contaminating silicon, chemical solvents, and gases.



Lifelong Career Support

With so many opportunities available to you, choosing the right career track might feel overwhelming. That’s where we can help. When you earn your Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from OHIO, you become a Bobcat for life.

Whether it’s lifetime access to career coaching or networking opportunities with more than 250,000 fellow OHIO alumni, you can take comfort in knowing that we’ll be with you every step of the way as you strive to achieve your professional goals.

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