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In a rapidly evolving field such as civil engineering, staying abreast of industry news is critical. This page can serve as a resource for information on our Master of Science in Civil Engineering program, current trends, industry news, career opportunities, and more.

A construction team reviews blueprints as they assemble a 3D-printed building.

3D Printed Buildings Guide: Required Materials, Tips, and Resources

For civil engineers, 3D-printed buildings represent one of the most significant construction and design trends.

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Highway and transportation technology

5 Advancements in Transportation Technology

Five technologies have risen to the forefront of the latest transportation revolution.

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The future of MBA careers

Millennials, Cars and the Future of Transportation

Explore how one of the country’s most influential population’s views towards various modes of transportation can impact the automotive industry.

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Infographic on the future of public transportation

The Future of Public Transportation

Demographics are shifting, which is having an effect on the prevalence of public transportation.

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A computer animated image of a green landscape of a city

Six New Approaches to Green Building Design

Explore six new approaches to building green and designing to lessen our economic and environmental footprint.

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A busy road full of fast moving vehicles

Transportation Design Strategies for Reducing Traffic Congestion

Explore three of the most prevalent themes in congestion control being tested and implemented across America and around the world.

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