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. Which undergraduate degree have you earned?
Which undergraduate degree have you earned?

You didn’t become an engineer to watch things happen. You became one to make things happen. Gain the skills to make more of an impact by choosing one of our five graduate certificates — each geared toward your professional goals. Earn a certificate in one of the following areas:

What is a Master of Engineering Management certificate?

We offer a group of certificates to strengthen your knowledge and skills in a specialized area. Each certificate is more focused than a full degree, which means you’ll graduate with more than a degree — you’ll graduate with in-demand expertise.

What makes the OHIO Master of Engineering Management certificates unique is that the credit you earn through each one can be applied toward your full MEM degree. Upon completion, these certificates will appear with earned graduate credit on your transcript from an accredited institution, and not just on a list of continuing education classes.

You can begin each certificate in any semester, and the minimum program length varies between two and three semesters.* The maximum time allowed for the completion of a certificate is three calendar years, or nine consecutive semesters.

*The certified Lean Six Sigma certificate may take longer to complete because of the prerequisite course requirements.

Why should you consider earning a certificate with Ohio University?

Our certificates cover highly relevant topics, are taught by experienced faculty, from a program with notable national rankings. In addition, benefits of earning your certificate with OHIO include:

  • Quality. Ohio University’s Master of Engineering Management program is well established and accredited.
  • Cost. Our certificate programs are competitively priced because we know the value of what we teach.
  • Schedule. As soon as you are accepted into the program, you can get started on a certificate.

Engineering Management

Use your background in engineering to build a future in management. This graduate certificate can teach you how to manage specialized teams performing highly technical tasks. Take courses in project management and engineering law so you can get things done the right way the first time.

Engineering Management Certificate - 11 credit hours

EMGT 6000 Foundations of Engineering Management 4 Credits
EMGT 6300 Project Management 4 Credits
EMGT 6400 Engineering Law 3 Credits

Engineering Leadership

It takes more than a title to be a leader — it also takes the right skills. Helping you develop those skills is the focus of this certificate. Multiply your leadership effectiveness by learning to communicate expertly and make sound business decisions from experienced leaders. Challenge yourself to think at a higher level so your team can perform at one.

Engineering Leadership Certificate – 9 credit hours

EMGT 6700 Engineering Leadership 3 Credits
EMGT 6010 Engineering Writing 3 Credits
EMGT 6600 Applied Accounting and Finance for Engineering Management 3 Credits

Certified Lean Six Sigma

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is trusted by businesses around the world. Why? Because it works. Proven results mean better performance — and, for you, greater opportunities. This graduate certificate equips you with the advanced skills to cut inefficiency and improve quality in the industry of your choice.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Certificate - 11 credit hours

EMGT 6100 Statistics for Engineering Management 4 Credits
EMGT 6110 Principles of Six Sigma 4 Credits
EMGT 6500 Lean Thinking Methods 3 Credits

Engineering Analytics

You expected to dig deeply into your engineering discipline to build your professional skills, and you’ve done that. But now your success increasingly depends on finding and interpreting data—vast amounts of it—spread more widely than you imagined. Learn to locate, isolate, validate, and orchestrate it into a symphony of information that brings your organization the standing ovation it deserves.

Engineering Analytics - 13 credit hours

EMGT 6100 Statistics for Engineering Management 4 Credits
EMGT 6200 Information Systems Engineering 3 Credits
EMGT 6210 Database Information Systems 3 Credits
EMGT 6220 Data Acquisition and Predictive Analytics 3 Credits

Six Sigma Black Belt

The Six Sigma Black Belt is earned via an in-depth and rigorous application of all tools of the problem-solving DMAIC process (Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control).   In addition to topics covered in most typical Black Belt programs, Ohio University Black Belt candidates will experience significantly more rigorous analytical topics.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate - 11 credit hours

EMGT 6110 Principles of Six Sigma 4 Credits
EMGT 6111 Advanced Six Sigma 3 Credits
EMGT 6112 Six Sigma Green Belt Exam 0.5 Credits
EMGT 6113 Six Sigma Black Belt Exam 0.5 Credits
EMGT 6114 Six Sigma Black Belt Project 3 Credits


*Curriculum is subject to change

Admission Requirements

If you’re a prospective student and would like to be considered for one of our certificate programs, you must apply for admission to each MEM certificate program of interest. If you’re already admitted to the MEM program, you will benefit from an abbreviated admissions process.

The Certified Lean-Six Sigma, Engineering Analytics, and Six Sigma Black Belt certificates have the same admission requirements as the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program.

The Engineering Management and Engineering Leadership certificate requirements are the same as the MEM program, except that the requirements for 8 semester hours of calculus and post-calculus math are waived. A student who performs successfully in one or both of these certificates demonstrates the ability to perform well in graduate studies and may be in a stronger position to fulfill the mathematics requirements for the MEM degree or the other certificates.