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As any analyst knows, having access to more information can help you make better decisions. That’s why we created this Master of Business Analytics resources page. Keep checking back here to stay current on the latest trends, industry news, career opportunities, and additional information that’s relevant to business analytics professionals.

A data scientist working at her desk with a desktop and laptop computer.

Women in Data Science: Statistics, Scholarships & Resources

While the present state of women in data science is less than ideal, there is a number of available resources, including scholarships and networking opportunities.

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Female business analyst leads a team discussion of several data visualizations displayed on a large wall-mounted monitor.

Exploring the Benefits of Data Visualization for Presenting Health Data

Data visualization strategies help analysts communicate results from analyzed data.

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Close-up of a keyword with a bright “solution” key at the forefront.

The Future of Business Analytics: Trends in Data and Business Intelligence

The future of business analytics is bright. That’s partly because people generate a massive amount of digital data every day.

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How to Empower Decision Making with Predictive Analytics

How to Empower Decision Making with Predictive Analytics

Collecting data is no longer a serious challenge for businesses, but analyzing data is still a battle.

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A mix of cloured shapes together forming a circle

A Step in the Right Direction: Data Analysis for Decision-Making

The need for data analysts has grown significantly in recent years, and that growth is expected to continue.

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Businessman surrounded by virtual business intelligence and data analytics icons

What Is Business Intelligence? Using Data Analytics in Business Strategy

Business intelligence can add tremendous value, which is why business intelligence and data analytics professionals are in high demand.

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