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. Do you have a bachelor's degree?
Do you have a bachelor's degree?

Important business decisions are based on data, and today’s organizations are increasingly relying on executives with the skills to not only analyze large amounts of information but to then turn them into actionable insights.

Ohio University’s Online Master of Business Analytics can prepare you for such a role. The 30-credit program consists of 11 courses and can be completed 100% online in as few as 20 months. By earning this degree, you can:

  • Become more proficient at using advanced analytics tools and techniques.
  • Develop an analytics-based leadership mindset.
  • Help mitigate organizational risk through data-based discoveries.
  • Learn real-world applications for theories taught in your classes.

Master of Business Analytics - 30 credits

MBA 6320 Descriptive Analytics 3 Credits
MBA 6390 Predictive Analytics 3 Credits
MBA 6360 Strategic Use of Information Systems 3 Credits
MBA 6395 Business Intelligence 3 Credits
MBA 6420 Programming for Analytics 3 Credits
MBA 6325 Prescriptive Analytics 3 Credits
MBA 6495 Business Intelligence II 3 Credits
MBA 6490 Predictive Analytics II 3 Credits
MBA 6460 Strategic Use of Analytics 3 Credits
MBA 6912 Applied Business Experience (CAPSIM) 2 Credits
MBA 6924 Analytics Practicum 1 Credit

The online master’s degree in business analytics from Ohio University supplies you with the crucial skills to tell the story of data — making you indispensable to company operations.

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