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. What was your undergraduate major?
What was your undergraduate major?

Whether you’re thinking about earning a Master of Accountancy, you’re a current student, or a graduate, it’s always beneficial to stay current on industry news. This page serves as a resource of articles on relevant developments and topics in the field of accounting and our online MAcc program.

An accountant at work points to a graph on a screen.

Entrepreneurs Guide to E-commerce Accounting: Tools and Strategies for Growth

Resource guide providing eCommerce accounting resources and tools for entrepreneurs.

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A financial planner meets with a client.

Financial Planning and Analysis Guide: Tools, Quotes, and Resources

Financial planning and analysis are cornerstones of any successful business strategy.

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Close-up of an accountant signing a financial document on a desk.

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting: Differences and Similarities

To know the primary differences in the bookkeeping vs. accounting comparison, one must learn what it means to be a bookkeeper and how that work compares with a career as an accountant.

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Business man giving a presentation in front of a crowd

Finance or Accounting Degree: Which One Is Right for You?

Which degree would be more strategic to reach your personal goals: a finance degree or an accounting degree?

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Female executive explaining new business idea to colleagues.

The Differences Between a Master of Accountancy and an MBA

Postgraduate students come to the crossroads of deciding between a general degree such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or one that is more focused, like a Master of Accountancy (MAcc)

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an accountant working at her desk with a laptop and spreadsheets

What’s the Difference: Accounting vs. Actuary

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in accounting have many career possibilities to explore, such as an accounting vs. actuary career.

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