Online Master of Accountancy Curriculum

Explore your Master of Accountancy courses.

Our online Master of Accountancy (MAcc) curriculum is tailored to match your background and accelerates you towards your career goals. Whether you are an accounting professional or looking to transition into the field, our MAcc program will develop your competencies with in-demand skills to give you a competitive edge in a rapidly changing environment. Our program is taught by experienced faculty who are aligned with the industry’s best practices.

Three Ways to Get There.

Your path to earning your Master of Accountancy begins with your undergraduate background.

Accounting Pathway

Designed for those with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, this path is for experienced accounting professionals. You will gain expertise to conduct analysis and leverage data to drive business decisions.

  • Curriculum: Accounting Courses + Data Analytics Courses (30 total credits)

Business Pathway

Those with an undergraduate degree in business (other than accounting) will cover all of the topics needed to transition from a degree in a business-related field to a Master of Accountancy.

  • Curriculum: Foundational Courses + Accounting Courses + Data Analytics Courses (42 total credits)

Non-Business Pathway

Career changers with a bachelor’s degree in non-business studies like liberal arts, sciences, engineering, etc. will learn broad knowledge of business principles and accountancy to give you both a foundation and a competitive edge as you make your way to your accounting goals.

  • Curriculum: Foundational Courses + Accounting Courses + General Business Courses (45 total credits)

Accounting Courses - 21 credits

ACCT 6100 Advanced Managerial Decision Making 3 Credits
ACCT 6200 Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services 3 Credits
ACCT 6250 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination 3 Credits
ACCT 6300 Accounting Theory and Research 3 Credits
ACCT 6400 Advanced Tax Planning and Strategy 3 Credits
ACCT 6500 Professional Ethics and Communication 3 Credits
ACCT 6800 Contemporary Topics in Accounting (Capstone) 3 Credits

Data Analytics Courses - 9 credits

Complement your Master of Accountancy degree with a specialized Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics by successful completion of the required courses below. The Business Analytics Certificate is now an integrated part of the MAcc curriculum for students in the Accounting and Business pathways.

MBA 6320 Descriptive Analytics 3 Credits
MBA 6325 Prescriptive Analytics 3 Credits
MBA 6390 Predictive Analytics 3 Credits

Foundational Courses - 12 credits

MBA 6315 Accounting for Executives 3 Credits
ACCT 5010 Intermediate Accounting Concepts 3 Credits
ACCT 5020 Advanced Accounting Concepts I 3 Credits
ACCT 5030 Advanced Accounting Concepts II 3 Credits

General Business Courses - 12 credits

MBA 6320 Descriptive Analytics 3 Credits
MBA 6340 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management 3 Credits
MBA 6335 Managerial Finance 3 Credits
MBA 6370 Operations Management 3 Credits