Executive Management for Healthcare Professionals Certificate

Executive Management for Healthcare Professionals Certificate

Healthcare managers need business skills to provide high-quality clinical care and achieve their organization’s goals. However, clinical settings like medical or nursing schools often do not provide these skills. As pressure grows for healthcare administrators and managers to decrease costs while also maintaining or increasing the quality of care, there is a growing demand for leaders with strong business acumen.

Go beyond clinical expertise and learn the management techniques necessary to run a successful healthcare organization.

The coursework for the OHIO Executive Management for Healthcare Professionals Certificate is practical and designed to provide relevant, real-world business skills with healthcare applications. This certificate is specifically designed for healthcare professionals in collaboration with Ohio University’s Heritage College for Osteopathic Medicine.

This program can prepare you to:

  • Effectively lead a healthcare organization through talent development, quality improvement training, business analytics, and other relevant business knowledge
  • Develop an understanding of analytics, managing teams, strategic management, and effective communication
  • Create a solid framework for critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, navigating through challenges, and fueling growth in the healthcare industry
  • Identify areas to improve processes while increasing quality and decreasing costs
  • Position yourself for the 422,300 healthcare management jobs expected to be created between 2019 and 2029 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Apply credits from the courses taken in this certificate toward a College of Business master’s degree

Expected completion time: Four 7-week courses over 28 weeks or two semesters.

Course Descriptions

Core Courses

MBA 6320Descriptive Analytics3 Credits
MGT 5021Management of Lean Six Sigma Programs3 Credits
MGT 5001Managing Individuals and Teams3 Credits

Choose from ONE of the following elective courses

MBA 6335Managerial Finance3 Credits
MBA 6390Predictive Analytics3 Credits
MBA 6395Business Intelligence3 Credits
MGT 5071Ideation, Concept Development and Business Models3 Credits
IHS 5200Foundations of Leadership in Healthcare3 Credits
IHS 5201Quality, Safety & Service in Healthcare Leadership3 Credits
IHS 5202Financial Innovation and Growth Strategies in Healthcare3 Credits

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