Why Students Choose Ohio University

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Learn more about earning your online Master of Business Administration from Ohio University.


00:00 When I was looking for colleges in the U.S.,

00:02 I searched for the best communications school in the country

00:06 and I found Ohio University through Google search.

00:09 Ohio University has a pretty good business

00:12 program especially for accounting.

00:14 I found out that Ohio University has some good research

00:17 programs and a great amount of professors and also

00:19 technology that only Ohio University has in the U.S.

00:23 In Brazil, we don’t have as many opportunities

00:25 for the media industry and that’s what I chose.

00:31 I feel fully accepted and fully part of the Athens

00:34 community and Ohio University community.

00:37 I was very welcomed, I never felt like I didn’t fit in.

00:40 Athens people, they highly accept

00:42 the international students.

00:45 You see people here from all kinds of different colors,

00:47 different backgrounds, different cultures,

00:49and everyone is definitely accepted here.

00:52- Many international students that are thinking about

00:55 coming here, they can be sure that they will feel

00:58 like they are at home and they will make many friends.

01:03- When you’re not in class and you’re not learning things,

01:06 you can always hang out with your friends.

01:08 There’s a beautiful place called Uptown on campus that you

01:10 can go to, eat food, try different local restaurants.

01:14 I think Athens is a really beautiful and quaint town.

01:18- We have a lot to do here, we have many activities

01:20 and ways of getting involved with American students.

01:24 And there’s plenty of trails in Athens

01:26 that you can go hiking and camping.

01:28 I am a big outdoor person.01:33- I think Ohio University in Athens

01:36 is a really pretty safe place.

01:38- And with Ohio University Police Department,

01:41 I feel very safe as well, knowing that I can get their

01:44 assistance anywhere I can on campus.

01:47 When I came here, I really felt like it was safe.

01:49 I was able to walk around and not feel like I was in danger

01:53 or I might get into any, you know

01:55 that anything bad would happen to me.

01:57 Everything’s so much better than what I thought it would

02:00 be, it was just another world and I’m really happy I’m here.

02:04 (soft gentle music)