Why Ohio University’s Online MBA

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Learn more about earning your Online Master of Business Administration from Ohio University.


Emily: I chose to pursue the Ohio University online MBA program because I was looking for a fast transition in my career and I really appreciated the flexibility that the program offered.

Cara: I knew it was a really good at university and looked into it and it was very cost effective as well.

Jennifer:  I decided to pursue an MBA for career advancement.

Cara: I actually have been promoted twice since I started so that was really-really good.

Jennifer: The professors in this program were so open and willing to help out. I think it’s a different relationship in an MBA program that you have with your professors than you do in the undergrad. I chose it for the longevity of the school been around since 1804. The cohort style of the program and also not having to take an entrance GRE was definitely a big plus.