Why Ohio University?

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Emily: I chose to pursue the Ohio University online MBA program because I was looking for a fast transition in my career and I really appreciated the flexibility that the program offered. Cara: I knew it was a really good at university and looked into it and it was very cost effective as well. Jennifer: I decided to pursue an MBA for career advancement. I actually have been promoted twice since I started so that was really really good. The professors in this program were so open and willing to help out. I think it’s a different relationship in an MBA program that you have with your professors than you do in the undergrad. I chose it for the longevity of the school been around since 1804. The cohort style of the program and being that it was an online MBA program with no GMAT or GRE was definitely a big plus.

When I first started the program I didn’t have anyone reporting to me, but after taking some leadership courses and developing leadership skills I have been able to transition into a position in which I now manage a team.

Cara Fisher,Online MBA graduate Executive Management concentration

This has been a great opportunity to learn more about management. Much of what I’ve done so far has been on-the-job training and learning from mistakes. I have been able to apply the coursework to my job in several ways. I’m currently in an operations role, and I think the Data Analysis and Operations Management courses have been huge for me in regards to staffing, production schedules, and looking at patient management.

Daniel Adams, Laboratory Manager,Online MBA student Health Care concentration

I spent the majority of my career as an engineer and had to learn the business side out in the field. I’ve pretty much used all of the information from each class so far. In my current role I’m in a lot of high-level discussions with customers who are C-suite or executive level. Being able to go beyond just talking about engineering to more broad conversations has been impactful. The technology we talk about is now an economic conversation, and to be able to discuss how technology and economics tie together has been very powerful.

Shelli Sedlak, LC, LEED, AP, MIES®, SMIEEE,GE Lighting Senior Lighting Specialist,Executive Management concentration Online MBA student