Why Choose OHIO’s Online MAA?

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Learn more about earning your online Master’s in Athletic Administration from Ohio University.


John Kirtland: I chose the Ohio MMA program because it’s one the best in the country.

Jason Baseden: I can use a lot of what I learned within the program immediately in my current position.

Having this program the online alone was a game-changer for me. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Heather Medlen: I’m able to work full time coach all three soccer teams and still get an education at the same time.

Jennie Jacobsen-Huse: Being able to network online with people all over the country in the world is fantastic.

Kory Kollister: I thought that I knew athletic administration but this program has really helped open my eyes to some things. it’s opening new doors. I feel like it’s actually helped me become a better coach because I’m able to see the support from a different angle.

John Bennett: It’s a really a collaborative environment it’s neat to hear different people’s opinion because a lot of people have different backgrounds and you get different perspectives small over the country.

Maura Roddy: this program so far has helped me significantly in my career in a very short period of time