What is the Value of Teamwork?

Sales team meets in a circle

Teamwork is a powerful concept that you can put to work in nearly any industry. Strategically building a team for important projects is an efficient way to tackle a company’s challenges. Leaving individuals to manage big projects alone can lead to an imbalanced skill set, problematic creativity blocks, and an extremely stressful environment. Teamwork offers numerous benefits.

Create Teams to Provide a More Connected Work Environment

According to the State of the American Workplace Report, employee engagement is highest in companies with fewer than 10 people, but this only applies to 9% of the United States workforce. Teams allow you to take advantage of these high levels of engagement without dramatically downsizing your company. Employee engagement gradually lowers as team size expands beyond ten, so use this as your magic number when you’re building teams in your organization.

Take Advantage of Multiple Strengths

When you’re working in a team, you don’t have to be skilled in every area of development to create a stellar product. Teams make the most of everyone’s strengths and smooth over their weaknesses. Car companies often build teams of people from different departments, so vehicles are developed with engineers and designers working side by side. This strategy puts a diverse range of skills and knowledge together in one creative melting pot.

Develop an Environment of Accountability

Working alone, it’s easy to procrastinate and leave important projects to the last minute. If a manager checks up on your progress every step of the way, you’ll probably end up feeling annoyingly micromanaged. In a team, you can all work together to support one another’s goals and progress. Your teammates will hold you accountable for finishing your part of the project on time by providing a supportive network that will help pull you along.

Help Everyone Learn

In a team, you have ample learning opportunities that will help you grow both personally and as a group. There are many ways you can increase your education outside of the workplace, from MBA online colleges to workshops and weekend seminars. You can make the best use of your hard-earned skill set in a team environment, where you can both share your own knowledge and pull from that of your teammates. Together, you’ll find that you all have something new you can learn.

Reduce Deadline Stress

Teamwork is an excellent way to reduce tension in a high stress work environment. When an individual is working on a project alone, both the highs and lows fall on a single set of shoulders. A team can better weather the struggles present in a fast-paced and stressful work environment. Plus, with several sets of eyes on the project, errors are less likely to slip through. When problems do occur, the team can brainstorm, unite, and take solace in the fact that they’re tackling the challenge together.

If you’re looking for a fast way to revitalize a stagnant project or increase a company’s productivity, teamwork may offer the perfect answer. Putting several creative and talented minds together will yield results much greater than what you can achieve alone.

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