Webinar: Ohio University College of Business – Application Process

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hello and thank you for your interest in Ohio University’s online master’s degree program from the College of Business if you are watching this presentation today then that means that you’re interested in becoming a bobcat and you’re interested in one of our online college of business degree programs or you would like to take the next steps and apply this presentation is just for you and I will walk you through the application process and how you can become a future bobcat so let’s jump right into it so my name is Brittany Smith I am a senior enrollment advisor for the online college of business programs my role is to cover with you program information and guide you through the application process if you have any questions regarding this process or any of the program information itself then please feel free to contact your prospective enrollment advisor or you can utilize the information that I will share at the end of our presentation today all right now let’s first dive into learning more about the college of business itself at the Ohio University our College of Business within Ohio University houses a strong caliber of quality of faculty we have more than 80 percent of those faculty members holding terminal degrees in their field this is awesome and what this means for you is that a large quantity of our faculty that holds their degrees we are consistently ranked so the College of Business itself is ranked among the top business schools for quality and value as it is a Tier one institution and noted by the US News and World Report’s so that’s something that you can keep in mind as you are looking through our online master’s program now our mission at the College of Business is to motivate you and nurture our student leaders to create better business environments after obtaining one of our master’s degree programs you’re interested in any of our college of business programs you’re in luck because the admissions requirements and application process is pretty much the same for all of the college of business online master’s degree programs in order to be considered for admissions to the online masters degree program it is recommended that all applicants have conferred and accredited bachelor’s degree or higher was at least a 3.0 GPA now there may be some leeway with that but we do advise that you reach out to your enrollment advisor for more information on that now once you’re ready to apply to complete an online application you’ll need to provide us with transcripts from all previously institutions attended also an updated copier of your resume we need to see your work experience as well as your career progression and your consistency we also require three layers of recommendation we recommend that one of the letters come from your current supervisor or manager now keep in mind the letters of recommendation are not required for the Graduate Business Certificates so those will be needed for that application process also we require a personal goal statement explaining your career objectives and your interest