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Hello everybody and welcome this is today’s podcast of the webinar for the online Master of Coaching Education with Ohio University. We’re going to give a few more students a couple more seconds to log on in as we see more students log in at the moment as we await to start today’s webinar. Alright and once again welcome everybody.

I am Sam Ammar. I’ll be one of the advisors helping you get some options of what it’s like to be a student with the online Master in Coaching Education program. We are also joined today by our assistant director of career and leadership development who I will introduce as well but again we just want to make sure we gave you a clear idea what it’s like in terms of the environment with the online program. Ohio University itself has been around for quite over two centuries but we are well recognized in the industry and now within the online Masters in Coaching Education program it does allow for our coaches to have their full-time lives family obligations and sport requirements with the opportunity to stay full-time on course with school and education. The program itself is built around the NASPE’s 8 domains of coaching. So we’ll definitely talk in more detail about that as we follow up together and the advanced technical proficiency technical knowledge leadership skills. It is nationally recognized as a leader in preparing coaches to excel in all levels of competition it is 100% online.

So in terms of the actual coursework and diving in to your core materials, students will have the opportunity whether it’s during your lunch hours at a school or during the sports season in session and practice, days off. You control the pace. You control when you log in. The atmosphere is set up to make sure timelines from day one to graduation it is around your exact lifestyle at work and family. We will also go over what the requirements are to get into the program. Most of our students are coming with a background of having a bachelor’s complete and experience working with youth sports and coaching whether the elementary, high school, or even an individual league level. And the best part is once again it won’t interfere with your work schedule or family obligations. A lot of our coaches obviously they’re in season. This is something that it’s catered around their lifestyle because they’re able to log in on their laptop, tablets, cell phones and really dictate what pace they have in the program itself.

You can be completed with this program in as little as two years but we do understand that sometimes things do get in the way. So you are also given the full four or five years from start, to finish in the event you do have to take some part-time courses. And for most students there is certain things that work better for them. We are creatures of habit so a lot of us do have our own routine that works best for us and really to ensure a successful tenure here with our program we do give students at least an idea of what it’s like in terms of time commitment what they need to do around themselves. And for example students are encouraged to at least log in on average each week anywhere from 10 to 12 hours to really give themselves enough time to network with the professors and fellow students whether it’s live webinars, one on one with your professor, discussion boards and assignments all of that will be available to you. Again whether it’s Monday night, Wednesday mornings, during the weekends. The only requirement you have, as far as, on campus is a one-time event that gets closer to graduation and that is one of our coaching symposiums. And also our guest today the Assistant Director of Career and Leadership Development will talk in more detail about that. But again this is where you will utilize all resources tools and support to really enhance your tenure with the program and the goal is from day one to graduation is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible with the online format.

And without further ado we do want to introduce Marcus Parham. He is the Assistant Director of Career Leadership Development and he’ll be joining us today to give you the students, a clear idea of what it’s like from beginning to end and what they’re able to do for you on his end to support. Marcquis?

Good morning how’s everybody doing today my name is Marcquis Parham. I am the Assistant Director of Career in Leadership Development with the Patton college with the Patton college here at Ohio University. I am here as a representative from the career in Division of Student Affairs Department and I represent career in leadership here at Ohio University. Just to give you a little bit about my background before I provide you a snapshot of the resources that are available to you as Ohio University students. First it would be best for me to mention that I am a proud two-time graduate of Ohio University and a graduate of the Ohio University Coaching Education program.

Since graduating from the Ohio University Coaching Education program a little over ten years ago, I’ve had a number of professional experiences that have led me back to Ohio University to be a career leadership coach here with the Patton College of Education. Since leaving Ohio University I’ve had a number of coaching experiences and professional experiences including working in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings as a player personnel scout. I also hold a certification as personal trainer as a personal trainer through ace. I have spent ten years working in a very well-known nonprofit by the name of the YMCA and leading as an executive leader with the YMCA and had a number of experiences working in a number of other different avenues and related to my experiences here in the coaching education program. Sam mentioned the eight domains of coaching in and our model here for the coaching education program and I’m here to assure you that that model is not only beneficial for you and your coaching career but it’s also related and transferable to the other skills in your other professional related career fields as well and so to give you a little bit of an example of the resources that are available here to you at Ohio University is our career coaching.

And so as online students you are still capable of taking advantage of career coaching over the phone but here we also have a number of other different leadership certifications and coaching certifications and so we do career coaching when we do leadership coaching. Leadership coaching is based around those transferable leadership principles and we’re also capable of doing that over the phone or over online services. There’s a number of different on-campus services as well they are offered but we are capable of doing mock interviews over our online services or over the phone as well there’s also a number of different leadership workshops and professional leadership series that are capable of for students when they come to campus for their their visit their campus visit at the end of your the end of you are coaching curriculum.

I do want to give an idea of our career tools platform which is available to all of our coaching education folks, coaching education graduates online and this is an amazing career tool website platform that provides resume templates examples, cover letters, examples of cover letters, checklist interview prep resources information about how to enhance and improve your Linkedin information about other employer website hubs that we have available this is available through our career in leadership services homepage which is available on off of a link on the Ohio.edu website. The website is actually Ohio dot edu backslash career in leadership or if you go to google and just put in Ohio University career in leadership. It will take you to the homepage and you can simply save that home page. If you go to the home page you will see under the students and alumni tab, a link it takes you to the career tools platform. The career tools platform is a invaluable tool for you to use as you are continuing to develop and looking for those next career opportunities after you have graduated with your graduate degree from the Ohio University online coaching program. Here is the link to the Ohio University career in leadership development center. At the Ohio University Development Center we believe in our mission of helping our future leaders and our students prepare for early, often and forever, which is more than just a slogan. It is essential when reaching one’s aspirations and potential. If anybody is interested in doing career coaching my information can be found on the website here at the career and leadership development center or if you have a pen you can take my email which is my last name Parham at Ohio edu. And I can be found in order to set up times for appointments. Thank you.

SAM: Thank you so much Marcquis and we do have a few questions. A student did want to inquire about in your advice being that you are the assistant director of especially with the levels of the experience that you have held what obstacles have you seen personally that you tend to see students get or that tend to get in the way of students closer to the end of their program? What were some of the factors that you have seen as far as things that maybe jump out in terms of avoiding it as a student with online?

MARCQUIS: Absolutely! And so one of the biggest challenges with online learning always is a time in finding the time management and some of the challenges that I’ve seen it’s mostly been individuals that are within their career and in just having issues managing their time whether it be a family conflict or a family crisis or a crisis that’s happened within their personal life. There is always the challenge of time so if there’s any advice that I can give to potential students it would just be to make sure that you have a solid plan in place that you not only create a plan but also have a plan for setbacks or a secondary plan in order to prepare yourself or if there is any potential conflicts that may come up in your life.

SAM: Another question did focus of in terms of the coaching symposium. So from your experience what should these students expect what usually occurs during the coaching symposium?

Marquis: Absolutely the coaching symposium is an amazing experience for you not only to learn but most importantly for you to network socially with other individuals, not only from your career field as coaches but from other specific related sports and so the coaching symposium was an amazing networking experience outside of the learning that you learned but the networking experience in order for you to develop those social networks that that lasts and stay with you you know five and ten years. To this day I still have a number of networks and relationships that I built from the symposium and from the online coaching program and so I think that’s probably my good dimension me know my my favorite part about the program is is the networking and the social aspect that I was able to gain with the other individuals that were involved with my online cohort that were involved with my cohort and in the reception of the receptiveness and the communication that I had with the faculty and staff here. I do believe that those were the most very very beneficial to my experiences and so the symposium was an amazing experience because of the networking opportunities for sure.

Sam: And now one of the other questions a student did bring up is evening being that you went from student to athlete to now you’re holding the title of your current position of assistant director what’s something that you’ve seen at least in this position now that as a student and athlete you did not know existed in this field terms of options?

Marcquis: Oh there is this. There is a number of different options in this career field that I had no idea it would exist for me and so really what it did is it gathered a gather the larger scope as I’ve gained more experience but I will say you know from my position right now in regards to some of the options that I didn’t know were available for me when I was graduating from the program is as you know when I was graduating from the program my mindset was more or less around coaching in my my specialty which was football but I didn’t realize the idea and scope of practice of coaching is a transferable skill that can be taken into a number of different career fields and so currently right now I’m using the same skills that I learned in coaching education to be a career and leadership coach but that was the same skills that I learned that I learned through coaching education to help me in football that also helped me in nonprofit administration when I was leading as a supervisor a team of 165 staff and so I will say that for me the one there’s a number of different aspects and avenues that I was not aware of but there are just so many different opportunities that this program is going to prepare you for based upon the skills that you’re going to learn.

Sam: Thank you so much Marcquis and just to reiterate again. We understand that you know in 2019 whether its family things coming in the way or hopefully of you your team’s making it to the playoffs or state championships. We understand that life will get in a way and this program really is catered around that exact lifestyle. We want you to understand that our goal is just to make sure from day one all the way to graduation that you have everything you need that allows you to continue your active life whether it’s a coach or in sports and youth sports and just acquiring new talent especially for that field like Marcquis touched up on them you know nowadays assistant director of a career leadership. You know something that you could take on to the next level whether it’s something more executive or management or even with different sports or school districts so it’s definitely exciting to how the students hear from someone who’s currently in that industry and did on all levels as a student, athlete and now the assistant directors.

I definitely want to thank you for your time today Marcquis and if anyone has any questions specifically for Marcquis, I’ll definitely funnel it through my email. I just wanted to touch up on what it’s required of the students to get into the program again a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Most of our students again are coming with a background of coaching, so we do look for at least two to three years of coaching experience. And as long as your GPA is as close to a 3.0 as possible usually around 2.7 above the GRE or GMAT is not really a requirement but that’s something that Dr. Harvey, myself and the graduate college will look at as we prepare your student file. We look at the body of work. There is an application that is currently open for summer which begins in May and again you get to pick which platforms you feel is more suitable for you whether it’s part-time or full-time just know that the resources tools the support Dr. Harvey myself and as well with Marcquis they’re all there to make sure that you have everything you need to matriculate forward, get your ducks in a row and really make sure that you’re enhancing all the options you can as an online student.

Again classes are filling up starting soon and the seats are filling up, so we want to make sure the students who are qualified and are looking at options for summer go ahead and shoot me over an email or contact me as soon as you get some time I will be in the office to touch base and go over some of the next steps for the summer term. As you can see that number where you could reach out to us is 866-226-7643 again my name is Sam Ammar and currently for the summer term for qualified applicants there is an app fee waiver. So for those who are looking at getting things ready and moving forward for summer there is some benefits to get things done ahead of time so, Dr. Harvey can go ahead and make his decision moving forward. But once again we do want to thank everyone for your time. Marcquis, thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to at least help stage an idea for these students and what it’s like from beginning to end to be a student more importantly who’s the team who supported them in the back end as far as matriculating them from day to graduation and even after. So I definitely want to thank you for your time today Marcquis and to the same is very much present absolutely and to the students who attended today’s webinar. I will be reaching out to you as well so we could follow up and see what kind of next steps you’re looking at taken as we transition into the next start of classes once again. I want to thank everybody for joining us today this will conclude our webinar and we do go forward touching base with you. Marcquis thank you so much for your time and everybody enjoy your day and your weekend.