Uncommon — But Awesome — Post-MBA Careers

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An MBA degree can lead to a promising and stable career in traditional fields like investment banking or consulting, the unfortunate reality is that there are far more students than opportunities available in these desirable financial fields.  But just because you may not land a more glamorous title on graduation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still pursue your MBA.  Here are some of the more uncommon, but still awesome, careers that your MBA may help prepare you for:

Startup or Entrepreneurial Role

Startup companies often have innovative products or service offerings. While it’s true that most startups fail within their first few years, these smaller companies may offer a unique product or service that takes off in the market. Joining an entrepreneurial environment means being exposed to a variety of different tasks such as administration, accounting, marketing, and strategy.  With lean staff and few resources, your education will be put to a rigorous test.  This may be a better match for your personality and work style as opposed to a more structured, narrowly-defined job inside a larger corporation.

Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector and other non-government organizations are always in need of financially and marketing savvy people on their staff, and what better way to feel like your degree and career are making a real difference in the day-to-day lives of other people?  Find a cause that you believe strongly in, and look for organizations that are active in that field.  And because of more nontraditional recruitment processes compared to the private sector, networking is that much more important to landing your dream job.


Many people argue that the government should be run more like a business, and the US government is regularly recruiting for its agencies, even the big ones: the IRS, the Treasury Department, the Commerce Department, etc.

You can even tell people that you work for the FBI!  Special agents in finance help catch corporate criminals, like those who commit fraud or embezzlement. They may also help to find other criminals who launder their money through their “legitimate” businesses.

MBA courses in finance, management, and public policy will well prepare you for these positions in government, and because of the bureaucracy that is necessary to operate a government, positions aren’t often in short supply.

Entertainment Accountants

Before the film rolls, production companies need to know what budget they’re working with.  You might work directly for production companies, or for accounting firms that support the entertainment.

Or you could work behind the scenes to help professional athletes and teams work out contracts, sponsorship deals, or advise on how to work within the league’s salary cap limits.

Every business, whether public or private, for profit or non, requires leadership, management, and the practical skills that are necessary to run a business day-to-day.  An MBA may be a traditional advanced degree, but that doesn’t mean that how you use it has to be.