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Being an effective engineering manager is about understanding what your team needs to reach project completion. To achieve success, you need to thoroughly understand all aspects of management, not just the technical or engineering side. You can see your salary advance quickly once you acquire management skills by earning a Master of Engineering Management degree from Ohio University. Starting salaries for engineering managers are significantly higher than the salaries of engineers with several years of experience. If you are looking for professional advancement, consider how an engineering management position can boost your salary and further your career.

Average Engineering Management Salary

Most engineers start out with a salary between $50,000 and $60,000. To compare, the average starting salary for an engineering manager is around $75,000. The average engineering management salary is $122,810, and some of the highest paid engineers earned more than $166,410 last year on average. Because an engineering management salary can have such a dramatic impact on your income, many engineers are attracted to the possibility of this type of career advancement. But to get a better understanding of the range of pay you can earn as an engineering manager, it’s important to look at several factors.

One major determinant of your engineering manager salary is the type of industry you work in. According to industry trends, certain industries pay higher on average than others. While it’s important to utilize the technical knowledge you have from working within your industry, understanding which industries pay higher wages can help you plan your career advancement. Some high-paying jobs are in less traditional industries that are less obvious to professionals who have been focused on engineering firms for the bulk of their professional lives.

For example, engineering manager salaries paid to those who deal with patents, royalty payments and other non-financial intangible assets are on average around $150,890, nearly twice the amount paid to some engineering managers. Other equally high average earnings can be made in scientific research and development services and oil and gas extraction. Additionally, some industries, such as electronic component and navigational manufacturing, pay a higher than average engineering management salary, but equally as important, they employ a high number of engineering managers.

How to Become an Engineering Manager

Making the move from engineer to engineering manager can seem daunting as management skills play little to no part in the average engineer’s professional life. However, two of the most highly sought skills in any manager have little to do with management at all: communication and technical knowledge. If you communicate well and understand engineering, you’ve already got half of the background that employers need.

Many engineers are realizing that the best way to round out their management resume is by pursuing an online Master of Engineering Management. Because these online degrees can be completed on your own time, you can continue working in your current position while you pursue your career goals. So how do you choose the best program for you? One of the most important criteria for online degree programs is accreditation. Look for regionally accredited programs by one of these organizations:

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Beyond accreditation, it’s smart to find a program that aligns as closely as possible with your career interests. Some degree programs, like the online Master of Engineering Management offered by Ohio University, take into account your background and help you narrow the focus of your degree so you can immediately apply newly learned strategies to your industry. In addition to bolstering your background, an MEM can also improve your starting engineering management salary.

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