Top 5 most inspirational sports coaches of all time

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Top 5 most inspirational sports coaches of all time infographic

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Coaches work tirelessly to prepare and condition their players in order to stimulate an environment of winning. Coaches analyze their athletes, build tactical playbooks, and know their competition, but most importantly, they inspire their athletes to train hard and compete at their highest possible potential. Inspiration fosters strong work ethic and trust between athletes and coaches, and with a great coach behind an inspired team, an era of winning can result.

When looking for the five most inspirational sports coaches, many factors were taken into consideration. Winning records and trophies earned are major players in this ranking, as well as how these coaches statistically surpass other coaches in their field. For these five coaches, inspiring goes beyond winning games, it is seen in the respect given from current and former players, fans, and the other professionals in their sport. The Ohio University Online Master’s in Coaching Education program presents the Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Coaches of All Time.