Tom Coughlin’s impact on the New York Giants may inspire coaching degree seekers

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National Football League coaches often rely on more than simply attaining coaching master’s and other degrees to win games and inspire teams. While education certainly plays a big role in enabling coaches to devise successful strategies on the field, the work behind the scenes to instill respect and trust in players leads to championship teams.

Though the New York Giants have had topsy-turvy seasons throughout the last decade, head coach Tom Coughlin remains among the most respected coaches in the NFL, and his recent victory over the New York Jets on Christmas Eve has many celebrating his career, CBS Sports reports.

According to the news provider, Coughlin led the Giants to a big win over the Jets and put them in a good position leading into the final game of the season against the Dallas Cowboys, their fiercest rival in recent years. Many are saying that Coughlin’s job is on the line, though others believe he might leave regardless of a Super Bowl victory or missing the playoffs.

Coughlin has long been cited as a fierce coach both on and off the field. His strategies seem to hinge on the respect he demands from his players. The coach rarely shies away from an interrogating analyst or misbehaving players, likely leading to players working harder to back up their coach’s passion and confidence.

According to, Coughlin began his career with the Giants in 2004. Within just two years, Coughlin managed to repair the team, leading them to a Super Bowl Championship victory only two seasons after the team went four and twelve in the regular season. That year, the Giants notably defeated the Patriots in the final game, though they were major underdogs to the undefeated New England team.

Coughlin is known for his speeches, leading his players, staff and fans to enjoy and respect his sometimes-fierce and sometimes-warm rhetoric.

“The best part of it for me is the idea that this group of young men, who came together and believed in themselves, bought the team concept completely, took the names off the back of the jersey, checked the egos at the door,” he said in a 2008 press conference, according to Giants Gab. “The reinforcement for team is the greatest source of satisfaction for me.”

If this is Coughlin’s last season, the Giants team will look to send him off with a story-book ending to an already illustrious career as head coach.

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