The Lack of Diversity in American College Sports

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The Lack of Diversity in American College Sports infographic

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Diversity in the United States is as popular of an issue as ever. Diversity is a focal point in many facets of life in the U.S., including government, education, and military. Sport is no different, and in college sports in particular diversity is still lacking from administration to coaching to the players themselves. Two glaring areas that lack diversity involve gender and ethnicity, as outlined below:

Gender Breakdown of Figures

  • There are no female football or baseball players.
  • Of the 239,414 college athletes, 68,000 are female.
  • A little less than half (47.4%) of basketball players are female.
  • There is close to twice the number of male African American athletes (16.2%) than females (8.6%).

Ethnic Breakdown of Figures

  • In the area of coaching, Caucasians dominate in all divisions (over 84%).
  • All sports are dominated by Caucasians (male and female).
  • The largest participation rate for African Americans is 77.4% in basketball, but this is still 20% less than Caucasian. Basketball is the only sport showing more African American males than Caucasian males, but this is a negligible, only 1%
  • Total African American athletes, at 24.8%, are very nearly equal to all other minorities combined, which is 29.4%.
  • Hispanics are the fourth largest group, constituting 8.7% of total athletes.

To learn more about the lack of diversity in American college sports, checkout the infographic below created by Ohio University’s Ohio University Online Master’s in Coaching Education.