The Growing Field of Data Science

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00:00 [Music]

00:04 big data and data analysis are

00:07 revolutionizing modern business data

00:10 analysis is a combination of statistics

00:13 and computer science it can provide

00:15 fact-based hyper-targeted information to

00:18 aid in making real-time decisions a

00:20 large number of companies are looking

00:22 for skilled analysts prepared to extract

00:25 valuable information from a variety of

00:27 data sets here in the US there are

00:29 currently more than 150,000 open data

00:32 analysis positions and 1.5 million

00:35 unfilled management positions each of

00:38 these required data-savvy applicants

00:40 across a variety of industries who

00:43 possess a strong understanding of both

00:45 prescriptive and predictive analytics

00:47 the expanding field of data science

00:50 offers a range of incomes with a median

00:53 advertised salary for Big Data

00:55 professionals a hundred and twenty-four

00:57 thousand a year all the power and

01:00 potential of Big Data rests in the

01:02 skillful hands of a highly qualified

01:04 analyst at Ohio University our rigorous

01:07 and engaging online MBA and business

01:10 analytics was designed to help you excel

01:13 in this burgeoning industry learn more

01:16 today