The Complete Engineering Resource Guide

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The engineering industry can cover everything from city planning to software engineering and from building the smallest and largest structures. It is the diverse nature of the industry that draws so many intelligent minds into the field. Because each section of engineering is so vastly different, there are a variety of resources to suit each specialized division of the industry.

Engineering manager poses in her workplace.

Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management prepares engineering leaders from any of the diverse engineering disciplines listed below, as well as from other technical degree backgrounds. This application-focused degree prepares engineers to apply leadership and management capabilities to lead technical teams from a variety of different backgrounds. For more information, please fill out the form on the right to learn more.

Also, please see below for additional resources several diverse disciplines within the vast field of engineering:

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering deals mostly with airborne structures and vehicles, such as airplanes and spacecrafts. Aerospace is the general term for the industry, while aeronautical deals specifically with crafts that stay within the Earth’s atmosphere and astronautical deals with crafts that fly outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering involves converting raw chemicals and materials into valuable forms. Nanotechnology and biochemistry fall into the chemical engineering umbrella.

Civil Engineering

A civil engineer designs and constructs the environment around us, including roads, bridges, dams, and buildings. Civil engineering has many subdivisions, including environmental engineering, construction engineering, and transportation engineering.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering encompasses anything dealing with electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. Fields such as power engineering and computer engineering also fall into this category.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and deals with mechanics, thermodynamics, and robotics. A mechanical engineer may design machine engines, generate schematics, or oversee the functions of the equipment.