Student’s Perspective on the LDC

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Programming note: As of 2021, this program feature has been renamed Leadership Development Conference (LDC).


Karen Adams: At the LDP you gain the opportunity to meet other people who are in similar situations to you. Personally there are other mothers there are other people in business there are other people who are pursuing analytics there are other people who really have the same interests that I do.

Bryan Rowell: The LDP’s are great you know one it’s a huge networking event you can actually put faces to the names that you’re seeing in all the classes. Again you know when you’re at the LDP you’re meeting people who have been out there and doing it I mean a lot of the people that that speak at the LDP’s are our legit names for for their specialties they know what they’re talking about and and with the LDP again you know it like I said it it makes you it makes you look inside yourself and say “alright where do I need to improve what do I need to do so that I can become you know better person and a
better leader”.

Dollnila Slater: Well I’ll start with I’m just happy to be able to see the University because it’s such a beautiful landscape and it’s such an idyllic campus ok so that’s that’s the first thing the second thing about just you know just being here and just and just what stands out is the interaction with people like you who are on staff who really want us to get everything that we
possibly can out of this type of event. The organization the structure the content the caliber of individuals you have as keynote speakers I mean it is really top-notch it just really speaks to the importance that you guys place on our academic achievement.

Trenton Davis: Networking I think by coming to the LDP’s you get to meet number one you get to meet a lot of the people that you’ve interacted with throughout all of your classes and heard them on VOHs or VOCs. You just get to put that personality of who they are in front of you the networking has been really neat.

Nate Dayton: They can finally put a face to a name when they’re attending the LDP. They also gain a sense of we’re not just a typical online program we are an actual University here that we can learn from and then we get to take that back to our
homes where we actually do the learning and we actually feel like we’re part of the College.

Steven Coxford: LDP has really enhanced my own self-awareness of the type of leader that I am allows me to look at not only my strengths but understand my weaknesses to be able to address those going forward in my career.

Trenton Davis: What these have taught me these LDP’s have taught me I need to be innovative too but leadership you want to lead within not from above. You know you need to have trust and confidence and whoever you’re working with whether it’s your peers your direct reports your bosses and hearing from all of these people from all these different backgrounds experts in their fields the leadership piece of it has something that they’ve really honed in on and I know that’s the purpose of it but the takeaways have been real-life situations that they have talked about where they’ve come from what they’ve done that the biggest thing is kind of never forget where you came from because once you do get to that level you always need to remember where you started.

Bryan Rowell: One of the things that I like about the LDP is that it’s different enough every time you come back I mean this is this is my third trip down here for the LDP. I’ve hit up Amy and Tim about you know continuing to come down because I feel like every time I come down here for an LDP when I go back to work my batteries are recharged and you know I’ve got a new outlook on what I’m gonna do and how I’m gonna get there.

Karen Adams:  When you come back on a subsequent time you have friends that you’re running up and hugging and say hey it’s great to see you again I’m really glad we both made it again. So those connections are important finding the the network and creating the network this is that the ground the ground floor of creating that relationship and those networks that you don’t necessarily have currently.

Nate Dayton: Know you have the option believe to come to three throughout the program but you’re only required to do one I would say definitely come to all three. You’re going to hear different speakers at each one but getting to network and meeting the different groups of people here has been that’s been really rewarding it’s been neat.