Meet Michael Welch, Online MEM Grad

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How do we measure the success of our online programs?

We measure the success of our graduates.

Michael Welch: I choose Ohio University online program for two main reasons. The first would be the flexibility they offered in the classes and the course load. The second was the classes that they offered for my program. I found the classes to be very very applicable to the work I was doing outside of the school. The classes are very flexible the professors are accessible I think it’s perfect for a full time engineer who is looking to go back and diversify their background. This degree provided me with a lot of business skills that I’m able to translate into real world application. In order to balance your career and your studies with your personal life I think it’s really important to set goals and make a schedule. There were a lot of times where work can conflict with certain obligations you have and it’s really important to balance the two and make sure you can get them both done on time. My name is Michael Welch Masters of Engineering Management, Ohio University.